Tuesday, October 2, 2012


Deca tis thee projekt ov Italian sound artist Federico De Caroli- active since at least 1986 he has been creating a rather large opus ov releases in thee realms ov experimental electronic music.. to quote elsewhere: "Deca is the musical "alchemist" (as he is known in Italy) Federico De Caroli. He has gradually moved from the spacey and melodic style reminiscent of Jarre and Tangerine Dream that dominated his early works to a more experimental sound, involving elements of industrial, noise, "musique concrete" and even Dark Ambient."

thee workx on these cassettes are reminiscent to me at times ov some ov thee cinematic scores composed by Gobiln for some ov Dario Argento's films; whilst at others they are more sparse and experimental overall.. none ov these cassettes appear on discogs as ov this writing.. enjoy!!

Instinct - 1989

A - Telex -nocturnal
B - Cold bondage

Premonizione Humana - 1991

1 Anaesthetic Generation
2 The Lab
3 Premonition
4 Eden
5 Eterno Delirio
6 Animal Resurrection
7 Angeli Nel Silenzio

Coma Flowers - 1992

01 - Overture
02 - Chromarain
03 - Suspended Frame
04 - Aqualabia
05 - Silent Fluid
06 - Coma Flowers

(crepusculum - from thee honeyed hallucinations ov thee hive)

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  1. wonderful, thank you so much! I love the music of Federico <3