Tuesday, September 11, 2012

MUD-Burning Bush(1996-Usa)

Here comes another unknown artist from the crypt of the 90s. Mud was a project hailing from the Usa formed by Traig Foltz (somehow involved in Yen Pox and Veil of Secrecy) and Steve Hall (maybe the same one involved in Ephiphany recs). This cassette has 3 tracks on each side. There is usage of ambient and field recordings in some songs, rhytmic layers of overdriven bass drums and machine-like sounds on others and/or nostalgic piano music/arabic guitar with vocal loops on some other tracks. It s all a mash up, but well done and somehow it has an underlying trancelike power. "All Compositions Made on Locations Made Famous By Their Aboundance Of Parapsychological Activity" this is a statment written by the musicians on the back of the coversleeve which might help you to get a better idea of their music and what is behind it.

No idea how many copies were printed by this >U production, sorry I  simply could not find any info about the label. Just to end this small review: I think this is a very fine tape production and quite interesting both for the the ideas and the music. I believe that fans of certain drone/ambient/experimental elctronic music will like this one.

Music for rituals and pagan minds/movements.



  1. Mega. Not to go all Pink Floyd on anyone, but this is monster headphone listening. Tribal and spacey at the same time.

    Awesome post, thank you.

  2. I am very happy that someone out there liked this tape,thanx very much for your comments:)

  3. hello Kingpossum,my mediafire account was blocked for stupid reasons.I will re-upload this tape and more stuff,i need some time to work on it,thanx for your comment :)

  4. Bless you! Many thanks for the Mud re-up. And welcome back in general.