Tuesday, October 23, 2012

ETAT DES STOCKS-galactic gigolo`-(Red Neon Tapes,Belgium-c60-199x)

Here is another old tape from my collection; Etat Des Stocks is the project of Patrick Parent -the owner and boss of the cassette label Red Neon Tapes which was active in the 90s, and was only trading tape-productions- it released lots of artists in the field of electronic experimental music. It also released the famous compilation tapes called New Hippies. As far as I know Patrick is still active and you will find lots of info on other internet pages if you dare to search...

This tape was crafted with experimental electronics, and somehow a few of the tracks remind me of the early rhythimic noize experiments from the early 90s.

Definitely a good tape for lovers of certain obscure weird electro goings.

Enjoy it.

Track listing:

A1 Overload
A2 No More
A3 Midnight
A4 Roller Skate
A5 Chips
A6 The Forge
A7 Ben Gess
A8 Numbers
A9 Sirens
A10 Streets
A11 Electricity
A12 Down
A13 Cat
B1 Modern Language
B2 Cycles
B3 The Monk
B4 Bass Mania Part 1
B5 Etat Des Stocks
B6 Bass Mania Part 2
B7 Modern Language Instrumental
B8 Modern Language Dub

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