Tuesday, October 2, 2012


continuing upon thee thread ov releases from Jérôme Mauduit's Désaccord Majeur label- we come to thee projekt Largo from thee French artist Frédéric Scellier; whilst a significantly negligible ammount ov info tis known here about thee projekt- what tis known tis that these cassettes offer evocative synthesizer atmospheres comingled with sequenced and oft-processed ethnic percussive elements which are very fitting upon thee label from which they emanate!! more honeyed auditory hallucinations are to be found herein!!

Tzu & Ko Songs: She-lover Feeling

Face Ko

A1 Machine Loving II
A2 La Guteto
A3 Machine Dream
A4 Tsu & Ko Song
A5 Tuby
A6 La Gutago

Face Tzu

B1 Complainte
B2 Love Storming
B3 Stress
B4 String Storming
B5 Ko Rule
B6 Alien Feeling


A Ĝoja 1
B Ĝoja 2

(crepusculum - from thee honeyed hallucinations ov thee hive)

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