Monday, October 8, 2012

Nommo Ogo - Endless Dream [Preview]

PRE-EMPTIVE WARNING OV FUTURE COSMIC PERILS: thee unfettering ov tentacles and ecstatic writhing upon mutant dancefloors across thee multiverse shall commence!! doom-raves have already been semi-illumined with negatively transparent lines forming undulating somnolent imageries.. zombient states have been appearing amidst occupants ov abandoned-house parties.. xeno-terrestrial slimewave has immersed those delving unto thee katabatik depths.. news ov Joan Rivers mother-fucking toasting over dis-goat in a delerium induced by Death Trance sauce are lingering about thee ethers.. televisions emit strange transmissions ov bloodied amphibious genitalia cuisine enterprises.. thee musick industry has taken notice!! rumors ov remixes ov thee alien DNA abound.. reports ov alien identity theft are at an uprecedented high.. emissions are arriving from across thee ancient depths ov time and space that thee esoterik elektronikx ov Nommo Ogo have warned us: "there is nothing but this dream"..


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  1. Dear Crepusculum,
    many thanks for your fantastic Blog!
    I enjoyed Expecially Deca K7's.
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