Saturday, March 27, 2010

v.a.-slam bam thank you ma`am!(apathya-c60-italy-1995)

here we have an astonishing compilation ov all Italian esoteric elektronikx artists [with thee exception ov thee Japanese projekt: BLUE] which was released on thee Italian label Apathya which was run by F.C.N.!!

just read a great interview with Devis G. / DeviLs G. [Teatro Satanico,Lvnvs,Necrophonie..] here which was done for Heathen Harvest!! thee track provided for this compilation: Assassino tis a nice cacophanous piece ov dissonant trancing pulses with reverb drenched sequencing!!

In Vitro Test tis thee projekt ov thee Apathya label owner F.C.N.!! thee track apatia epatica [hepatic apathy?] tis repetitious slow sequencing with two masculine voices repetitiously chanting about apatia epatica and pain and blood!!

Onco tis thee projekt ov Luca Galuppini [ONQ, Aere Aeternus, Antenna 59, Cefodie, Nave, Thanatologist] who also ran thee cassette label Chupa Verga Recordings.. thee track Lehm tis a short piece ov interesting string material with beautiful semi-dissonant harmonic progression and slow droning plucking as well..

Bad Sector tis thee projekt ov thee prolific artist Massimo Magrini!! thee track provided here tis wondrous dark atmospheric elektronikx!!

Muros tis listed here as Michele Lorusso.. thee track il muro del suono [the sound barrier] tis a nice piece ov dark martial/ ritual elektronikx!!

BLUE tis as mentioned earlier: thee single non- Italian artist on this compilation.. haling from Japan: Takuya Ito provides an interesting organ piece with slow drums and somber almost pop-esque vocals!! thee piece ends with quiet feminine vocalisations..

Musa tis a projekt ov Emanuele Lago [Tombstone, Black Mountains Chronicles, Crisantemo Nero, Immortal Agony, Ermeneuma, The Humanoid Army, Mikror, Red Desolation, Sulphureous Church..] thee track provided here notte,nebbia,amore [night, fog, love] tis a short one with droning atmospheric synth and pleasant deathrock-esque reverbed guitar!!

Blackshout tis another ov Emanuele Lago's projekts.. thee track here tis dark lo-fi elektronikx with feminine erotic vocalisations..

The Finland Subterraund tis listed as Jacopo Andreini, and thee track provided tis an interesting piece ov slow dissonant reverbed guitar and somber saxophone work..

Entrata Aperta tis a manifestation ov thee E.A. ghost collective who have been rather thoroughly archived for thee blog here.. thee track they provide for this compilation tis a piece ov beauteous dark atmospheric synthesizer workx!!

Dario Polavara provides a nice restrained synthesizer progression with slow ritual percussive sequencing that tis fairly fittingly titled "epic"..

Misery tis listed as being thee projekt ov Marcello Russo, and thee piece provided tis some rather interesting strange atmospheric elektronikx!!

Track listing:

a01-Devis G.-assassino
a02-In Vitro Test- apatia epatica
a04-Bad Sector-negative wire version 2.0
a05-Los Muros-il muro del suono
b01-Blackshout-only thoughts of pain
b02-The Finland Subterraund-carbon fibre brush
b03-Entrata Aperta-fluido benefico
b04-Dario Polavara-epic

(transferred by [[F@R@W@Y]] / review by crepusculum)

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