Wednesday, March 10, 2010

psych krist kastrator-discordia continua(ee tapes-belgium-1996-c60)

here we have another cassette from thee Belgian EE tapes label from thee also Belgian projekt Psych Krist Kastrator who were : Marck - instruments, Sjille - voice, and Bruno - sound.. a little online research would make it appear that thee main personage behind this projekt was Marc Ceulemans who was also behind thee projekts Brainquake, Un/Con, and Thee Disciples Ov Penumbra label..

[[note: am sorry, but this has to be one ov thee cheeziest posts here thus far.. just look at thee crudely drawn maces and battleaxes.. ughh..]]

I Have No Mouth tis fittingly an instrumental piece ov minimal synthesizer progression which tis met with restrained drum programming after about thee three minute point for it's remaining duration..

Where Water Comes To Die begins with a cascade ov digitised water, and tis met with descending dissonant synth tones and a repetitious cacophanous barrage which transitions to minimal industrial with with a pitch-shifted vocal presence.. thee piece kind ov alternates betwixt semi-danceability and dissonant pauses..

God's Sick World - begins with more ebm-esque sequencing which alternates betwixt mid/fast tempos before slowing down and being met with pitched-down cookie monster type vocals.. back to mid tempo.. then again thee slowed down verse sektion.. it follows this basic pattern unto it's conclusion..

The Kill tis slow minimal drum and synth sequencing with more sparse use ov thee previously mentionend down-tuned vocals..

Crysalis Saaatanas - an organ type synth progression with slow drum sequencing which steps up a bit to an 8-bit sounding crescendo before going down to a mid-tempo sektion with which it alternates amidst dreary reverbed vocals!!

Neue Welt Im Kopf - mid-tempo elektro with more drearily processed vocalisations..

Psych Krist In The Slaughterhouse - hard not to laugh as thee silly "scary" vocals begin this piece: "these are the noises of the slaughter house".. more mid tempo elektro sequencing with slow drum programming and Halloween sound fx record type cheezy screams..

Fjordcrush - mid tempo crunchy resonance drum machine sequencing for about four and a half minutes; then a semi-interesting outro synthesizer sektion..

Thee Continuing Story Ov Thee Lost Mouth - gothick type organ workx with restrained percussive sequencing and more drear vocals.. something about battles.. apparently fought with those cartoon weapons on thee cover.. jeje.. sorry..

Track listing:

A1 I Have No Mouth
A2 Where Water Comes To Die
A3 God's Sick World
A4 The Kill
A5 Crysalis Saaatanas
A6 Neue Welt Im Kopf
B1 Psych Krist In The Slaughterhouse
B2 Fjordcrush
B3 Thee Continuing Story Ov Thee Lost Mouth

(transferred by [[F@R@W@Y]] / review by crepusculum)

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