Wednesday, March 3, 2010

v.a.-NOTRE DAME vol 9-(EE tapes Belgium-1996-C60)

[note: this applies for most reviews as well; if you see thee word "quirky" written: it tis likely that something is annoying me significantly; whereas if thee word "shrill" tis used: it tis thee type ov annoyance which tis actually pleasureful..]

Another interesting compilation here in thee Notre Dame series from thee Belgian label EE Tapes!!

Noshinto tis a projekt ov thee Belgian artist Patrick Stevens who tis also perhaps more known for his workx as thee projekt Hypnoskull [who also appears later on this compilation..] thee track The End Of The World (Destroyed Mix) begins with a quirky repetitive organ line and tis overlayed with mashed-up amen-style break-beats and indecipherable vocals utterances as well as occasional noize bursts.. honestly thee track does not do much for myself personally, but maybe some will be ov another opinion..

moving on: Ec8or was formed by gabba and chiptune artist Patric Catani, and former Lemonbabies and present Cobra Killer member Gina Vaporjieff D'Orio.. thee track that they provide consists ov dark undulating elektronikx with restrained blasts ov beats which do not overpower thee dark atmospeheres!! ends in a wash ov digital delay!!

not much info for I.Q.C.M. other than they hail from Spain.. they provide some nice lo-fi dark atmospherics with this piece whose titles proclaims that they are not human..

[note: somehow thee order ov the tracks as we have them ripped tis different than what appears on thee label: with thee fourth and fifth trackx being switched..]

KiLL:OUT TRASH tis thee noize projekt variation ov thee projekt Killout Trash [Joel di Amaretto, Nick Trout, and Damon - Berlin, Germany] Joel di Amaretto was also thee Founder and owner of thee kool.POP and Capital Noise labels.. thee track they provide here tis crunchy feedback overlayed with screaming feminine vocalisations..

Mr. Moto [Matthias Lang - Germany] collaborates with Feldenberg Om [Germany?] for a wierd elekronik-rhythmic cacophany which also seems to contain feminine screams..

The Haters - "Founded in 1979, they are one of the earliest and most well-known acts in the modern noise scene. The group is primarily the work of the Hollywood, California-based media artist, writer, and filmmaker GX Jupitter-Larsen, accompanied by a constantly changing lineup of other "members," usually local experimental musicians and artists in whatever town in which a Haters performance happens to take place." there are links for both his discography as well as a film which he tis working on: A Noisy Delivery.. thee track provided here tis a tumult ov feedback and what sounds like proccessed recordings ov glass shattering..

De Fabriek [Richard van Dellen.. covered in thee last article here..] begin with a fast un-spooling ov tape, and transition to banging minimal elektronikx overlayed with glitching noizes!!

Brandelli D'Odio were a political hardcore band from Italy which was active in the 90's which went on to form E.A. ghost collective [which have been covered extensively in this blog..] thee jam session they provided sounds like metal percussions with swirling elektronikx!!

KiLL:OUT TRASH provide another cacophanous piece ov crunchy distorted sounds in which somewhere distantly tis present some sort ov distant rhythm.. this one tis practically so muddied as to wonder: "what was thee point??", but then again this cassette tis sub-titled "The Ultimate Ear Test" towards thee end eruptions ov bass and sequencing actually appear from behind this mud; only to be alternatingly subsumed some more before dissipating..

Hypnoskull [Patrick Stevens - Belgium] provides a rhythmic elektronikx piece with quirky synth-percussion and laser shots over which tis quietly said: "it's your problem"..

Konstruktivists [Dr. R. Alcapone Shiells, Glenn Michael Wallis, Mark Crumby - Great Britain] provides a piece ov drum sequencing and very sparse synth over which tis jokingly [and very annoyingly] said over and over "hello"..

thee info sheet lists thee contact being thee same for Konsort as for Konstruktivists.. thee track however tis less agitating.. it kind ov reminds me ov thee first demo from Terrorgoat - "Unholy Goatskull Rituals".. it tis like it tis trying to be nasty and scary, yet kind ov falls short, but therein lies much ov it's charm..

Track listing:

A1 Noshinto - The End Of The World (Destroyed Mix)
A2 Ec8or - Short Circuit
A3 I.Q.C.M. - I.Q.C.M. No Es Humano
A4 KiLL:OUT TRASH - Rapegirl (Part 3)
A5 Mr. Moto meets Feldenberg Om - Noisy Funny Action
A6 The Haters - Life Is No Time To Be Practical
B1 De Fabriek - Fasttracker
B2 Brandelli D'Odio - Barocchio Jam (Half Calibrated Incident)
B3 KiLL:OUT TRASH - Disko Ambient
B4 Hypnoskull - It's Your Problem (Original Version)
B5 Konstruktivists - Hello
B6 Konsort - Stench

(transferred by [[F@R@W@Y]] / review by crepusculum)


  1. hi, do you probably have psych krist kastrator to post here?
    i could rip and share 'discordia continua' if it would make a sense.

  2. Humm.. I.Q.C.M is a band from Mieres, too close to "Etika makinal".

    The formers are Rafael González and Sandra Álvarez. Some collaborations whit De Fabriek, M. Nomized...