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VA - Mondo Boiazzo (original soundtrack) - The Uncle Tolo's Production - C90 - Italy - 1995

[[[elated to be announcing that our new friend/collaborator (kusomiso) from thee Czech Republic tis kindly sharing some great rare tapes from his personal collection with us here for thee blog!!]]]

here we have an astonishing compilation ov Italian artists released by The Uncle Tolo's Production label from Italy in 1995!! not much info to be found as to who was behind this label, but they most certainly compiled an amazing compilation here!!

Atrax Morgue was thee projekt ov Marco Corbelli [deceased May 6, 2007] who was also behind thee projekts Mörder Machine, Kranivm, Necrofilia, Necrophonie, Pervas Nefandum, and Progetto Morte.. Marco was also responsible for thee amazing death industrial label Slaughter Productions who released death-aesthetikx related productions from many luminaries ov thee international dark arts community!! thee track provided here tis piercing high-end frequency with darkly looming synthesizer, and eerily processed ghastly vocal exclamations!!

Teatro Satanico C. Manson tis a variation ov Teatro Satanico Charles Manson: thee projekt ov DeviLs G. and numerous other collaborators over time including Alberto Maria Kundalini, Tairy Ceron (also in Ait!), Sissy Biasin, Clau D.E.D.I. (ex-Ain Soph), Spectrae (Ain Soph) and many others!! thee track presented here: La Giustizia Immensa E Sottile Dell'Universo [The Immense and Thin Justice Of The Universe] consits ov pulsating dark elektronikx with Alberto Maria Kundalini's powerfull vocal incantations!!

Tombstone tis thee projekt ov Emanuele Lago [Black Mountains Chronicles, Crisantemo Nero, Immortal Agony, Ermeneuma, The Humanoid Army, Mikror, Musa, Red Desolation, Sulphureous Church] who tis also behind thee Psychotic Release label!! he provides three consecutive trackx here: Marcilla - drear elektronix with eery quiet gasping vocalisations, Sex Slave - lo-fi signal overlayed with sounds ov music box, indecipherable bangings, chanting vocalisations, and erotic feminine groans.. thee piece becomes much more cacophanous towards thee end, and Hymn Of The Golden Dawn - which tis likely a reference to The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn (or, more commonly, the Golden Dawn) which was a magical order active in Great Britain during the late 19th and early 20th centuries, which practiced theurgy and spiritual development. It has been one of the largest single influences on 20th-century Western occultism.. sonicly thee piece consists ov trancing lo-fi elektronikx with distant choral presences as well as thee clanging ov bells, and indecipherable vocal utterances..

In Vitro Test has contact info listed as Fabio Napolin Casagrande.. thee track Sonetti [sonnets] provides wierd string and bass material with lo-fi synth melodies, and masculine vocals..

Cupio Dissolvi tis thee projekt ov Manolo Magnabosco.. here he provides four tracks ov trancing lo-fi soundscapes: Aidskilift[?], Voila' Le Cadavre (Inedito) [veiled the corpse], 6/8-45 Fan Club, and Julius Ebola - a play on thee name ov Barone Giulio Cesare Andrea Evola (May 19, 1898 – June 11, 1974) also known as Julius Evola, who was an Italian philosopher, esotericist, author, artist, poet, political activist, soldier and Perennial Traditionalist, and as well thee Ebolavirus (EBOV)..

Ataraxia are thee medieval/folk band ov Francesca Nicoli, Vittorio Vandelli, and Giovanni Pagliari who provide here L'Ultimo Arazzo [The last Tapestry] - brilliant neo-folk with wind instruments, guitar, unique percussions which transitions to great martial percussion with organs, and powerfull beatific feminine vocals!! Nec Mortales Sonans [?] consists ov looming synth, haunting feminine vocals, plodding bass, great psychedelic guitar feedback, and ritual percussion!! there tis powerfull repetitive chanting to this one!! roughly mid-way through thee piece gothic synth lines make their presence, and thee two women begin to sing in English before returning to thee earlier vocal chanting!! there then follows a bit ov a reprise where this section tis returned to..

Macabrina [Graziella Polluzzi] provides powerfull Italian spoken-word amidst a distant beatific classical recording with a bit ov toy laughter for thee piece Ode Allo Scarafaggio [ode to the cockroach], and Ode Di Odio A Tutti I Tegami [ode of hatred To All of the frying pans] which additionally adds thee scraping ov metal, gasping breaths, and Transilvanian-type organ workx in thee background as well..

Petrifields - listed in the contact info as P.A.I.N. - Michelangelo Mongiello provides a wierd peice ov instrumental garage rock..

Colloquio [Gianni Pedretti] provides thee track cisti [cyst] - a nice piece ov elektronikx with twinkling synth workx!!

Menarca [Antonio Facci] provides thee track Il Tuo Sesso Inciso Di Morte [Your Sex Carved Of Death] a great piece ov dark atmospherics which begins with synthesizer stabs ala Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho shower stabbing theme, and has creepy processed masculine vocals!!

Tombstone provides thee piece God Save The Whore which begins with a child's voice, and then transitions to lo-fi horror aesthetikx which only Emanuele Lago could conjure up!! have not heard this crazy ov a scream-queen collage at any point which i am capable ov recollecting..

to conclude thee compilation Teatro Satanico C. Manson present thee instrumental piece ov pulsating synthesizer and stuttering snare: Pulsa De Nura [?] and another instrumental piece which tis kinda a lil minimal synth stomper: Anatema Contro I Nemici Di Israele [Anathema Against The Enemies Of Israel]..

Track listing:

A1 Atrax Morgue - Foun Dead
A2 Teatro Satanico C. Manson - La Giustizia Immensa E Sottile Dell'Universo
A3 Tombstone - Marcilla
A4 Tombstone - Sex Slave
A5 Tombstone - Hymn Of The Golden Dawn
A6 In Vitro Test - Sonetti
A7 Cupio Dissolvi - Aidskilift
A8 Cupio Dissolvi - Voila' Le Cadavre (Inedito)
A9 Cupio Dissolvi - 6/8-45 Fan Club
A10 Cupio Dissolvi - Julius Ebola
B1 Ataraxia - L'Ultimo Arazzo
B2 Ataraxia - Nec Mortales Sonans
B3 Macabrina - Ode Allo Scarafaggio
B4 Macabrina - Ode Di Odio A Tutti I Tegami
B5 Petrifields - Hang Man's Brain
B6 Colloquio - Cisti
B7 Menarca - Il Tuo Sesso Inciso Di Morte
B8 Tombstone - God Save The Whore
B9 Teatro Satanico C. Manson - Pulsa De Nura
B10 Teatro Satanico C. Manson - Anatema Contro I Nemici Di Israele

[[transferred by (kusomiso) & review by (crepusculum)]]

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