Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Critical Theatre - Nine Tenths Of The Law - self released - autumn 2009

was delighted to have recently received this great release ov esoteric elektronikx in thee mail!! though generally our hands have dug down fairly deep into thee soils to unearth gems from thee past; sometimes there are rare things hiding away nearer to thee surface which tis contemporaneous with our present lived experiences.. Critical Theatre tis thee projekt ov Maxwell Benedetti & Feral Faerie Samantha from Portland, Oregon.. they seem to be coming up quite an ammount ov late; with posts recently on thee great blogs Because God Told Me To Do It and Thee Other Sound, and there tis good reason for this: it tis a great projekt!! was extremely elated when Maxwell said that we had permission to share this amazing release with you all here ov which there may be a few ov thee 50 copies remaining!!

thee first track tis a collaboration with Ade ov thee U.K. projekt Mutate, and features his guitar work accompanying Maxwell who tis providing loops, vocals, and fx.. though it tis cited that there are vocals here; they must be buried very deeply in thee processing or mix.. thee piece consists ov slowed orchestral samples which are met with great layered washes ov feedback which never overwhelm, but rather hold one within a state ov splendor!! unique elektronikx approaches are utilised which provide for an excellent sonic experience for this piece dealing with thee ritualised positions ov authority ov thee Sacrifical King!!

The Burning Ritual cites Markus Wolff [Waldteufel - Somewhere in Kaskadien Germany] as providing vocals; though again their placement in thee mix tis not easilly discernable, and tis accompanied by Maxwell on guitar, loops, drone, and fx.. additionally Zach Archer provides source material for this piece.. brilliantly cascading sonic drone-scapes!!

lasting a duration ov over ten minutes Yoni Verse allows a presence ov time to delve deeply into thee suprasensorial perception ov thee concepts ov thee Yoni which tis variously interepreted as meaning "source or origin of life" and/or "divine passage".. "A child was considered to be born from a yoni of stars - constellations that prevailed during the child birth. The Aryans had identified some 50,000 astrological yonis that favour a child's birth. The term yoni was also used in agricultural references by the Aryans. A 'fertile yoni' meant a good harvest of crops".. sonicly Maxwell and Zach Archer provide fittingly beatific drones for this astral passage!!

Feed High tis a collaboration with Rei Rea [Christian Dube - Canada] who provides guitar workx whilst Maxwell provides bass.. this piece tis sonicly much more dissonant; yet still maintains a brilliant spectral presence which continues to draw one within!!

El Diablo Me Arranco La Lengua [the devil plucked my tongue] this piece features collaboration from Ordo Lacrima Christi [Ingmar Diform - Mexico] on samples and power elektronikx and Maxwell providing loop sample, feedback, and fx.. it begins with thee sounds ov birds, tides washing ashore, rains, and tis met with cascading rumbles ov power elektroniks, wondrous drones, and beauteous dissonances whose shrillness still entice!! towards thee end a trickling fluidity brings thee piece to a point ov cessation..

thee sixth song tis an untitled piece which features Maxwell providing guitar, drone, fx, percussion, and again thee elusively present vocals.. quiet [yet ominous] feedback builds in intensity, and tis interspersed with droning atmospheres over which tis laden slowly reverberating ritualised percussion!!

thee final piece ov thee album tis titled 7th Level and features Maxwell on synth feedback, and loops.. in addition Zach Archer again provides source material.. thee track tis dedicated to M.R., and tis composed ov splendorous atmospheres interspersed with shrill squeals ov feedback which spark up as momentary disturbances amidst thee awe inspiring beatitude ov this magnificent sonic presence!!

Track listing:

01 - Sacrificial King
02 - The Burning Ritual
03 - Yoni Verse
04 - Feed High
05 - El Diablo Me Arranco La Lengua
06 - Untitled
07 - 7th Level


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