Saturday, March 6, 2010


for this special post #69 we have here three x 23 Temple vinyl releases!!

23 Temple was primarily an outlet for thee releases ov German ambient and trance artists Paul Hostia and Thorn Hoedh [[note: Thorn Hoedh Died in thee night ov 15th-16th May 2003]] as well as Carsten H. MAhAJANAh.. one ov thee main projects associated with 23 Temple was Ordo Catharis Templi which brought together various projekts such as: Hostia, Hoedh, Ordex Sacra, Werkcorps, .7.7. Seth, Die Wappen Des Thotß, Etudes Dèxecution Transcendante, and Mahajanah.. as well 23 Temple was also associated with thee amazing esoteric tekno projekts Delysid, DLS, Helix 12, and Moksha!!

although 23 Temple related projekts were released on various labels including: Unclean Production, Atmosphere, Dark Vinyl Records, BTM - Bochumer Ton Manufaktur, Tatsu Recordings, Chakra, Return To The Source, Shiva Space Technology, Black Flame, Aries Tunes, POF Music, interGROOVE, Outsolation, Insolation... to thee thee best ov my knowledge: thee three releases posted here were thee only three vinyl releases to appear on thee actual 23 Temple label..

[[note: whilst thee Ordo Catharis Templi material presented here tis more in thee realms ov ritual ambient elektronikx; thee Moksha and MAhAJANAh are more in thee vein ov esoteric tekno / psy-trance.. there will be many more 23 Temple related releases here in thee days ahead!! simply felt it fitting to post these three together for this 69th post.. enjoy!!!]]

Variations Ov Templum Comparatio I

Track listing:

A1 Etudes D'Execution Transcendante / Hostia - Ode Für Ein Monument (Neuro Version)
A2 Hostia - Absoluthum W5/6 (Shekinah-Remix)
B Hoedh - Dämmerung Am Pog (Heilige-Variation 6/7)

Moksha - Cheemah

Track listing:

A1 Pleroma
A2 Iteration
B1 Cheemah
B2 Thee View

MAhAJANAh - Organic Forms Remix

Track listing:

A Organic Forms (Remix)
B1 Regulus Energy
B2 Twilight Funk (Seamix)


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