Tuesday, March 2, 2010

SPIN-pot purri(c60-1991-Bestattungsinstitut-Germany)

strange esoteric elektronikx here from this early projekt ov DeviLs G. [Teatro Satanico, Lvnvs, S. Biasin Trio,.. - Italy]!! released in 1991 on thee German label Bestattungsinstitut which was run by Siegmar Fricke [Delta-Sleep-Inducing Peptide] who also contributed voice and tape manipulation for this recording!!

Note: these are definitely not DeviLs G.'s best workx by far, but those seeking thee rare early workx from this brilliant artist shall likely appreciate this as a window back for this genius who has evolved so far from this very surreal past document..

origine casuale - 24 minutes ov wierd elektronikx with strange- flangey vocal incantations.. inititally there tis wierd synthesizer work which later transitions to more organ sounding material.. all ov it tis very spacey..

the 4 laws cock,dick,pack,fuck - quirky wierd synth workx with indecipherable pitch shifted vocals appearing sporadicly..

claustrophoniae - more wierd minimal synth workx with sparse percussive sequences..

estasi ed disciplina - one ov thee better trackx here with fairly interesting synth sounds and erotic groans..

disciplina ed estasi - probably more akin to what we would expect : darker atmospheres swirling with distant squalls ov feedback and strange collage work ov vocal eruptions, barking dogs, erotic groans.. also there tis playing ov some dissonant wind-instrument as well as actual wind.. about ten and half minutes ov these interesting sonic manifestations with it becoming more dissonant towards thee very end!!

pigghot porkojodio - esoteric atmospherics with unique analog synthesizer work!! features some collage work ov pig snorting as well..

viva aldi - appears to be a brief outro from thee Italian baroque composer and priest: Antonio Lucio Vivaldi (March 4, 1678 – July 28, 1741)..

Track listing:

a01-origine casuale
a02-the 4 laws cock,dick,pack,fuck
b02-estasi ed disciplina
b03-disciplina ed estasi
b04-pigghot porkojodio
b05-viva aldi

(transferred by [[F@R@W@Y]] / review by crepusculum)

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