Friday, November 13, 2009

VA - Vexatio Cerebri

Am honored to be sharing here a submission for this blog from thee incredibly generous friend: (Faraway) who shall be contributing more with this blog in thee very near future .. Since he is the one sharing this rare gem; will post here what he wrote for this astonishing compilation ov amasing international artists he has kindly gifted us:

Vexatio Cerebri - International Compilation Tape c60
Released on Contaminated prods in 1994. It came out in a special sleeve made from 2 colour pictures(the little sculptures on the pictures+the pictures themselves) made by Gianni Liquoro,a quite famous tattoo artist nowdays. At the time he was involved in the E.A. ghostly collective. Contaminated prods printed and sent around the world about 150 copies of it before closing its activities in 1998 due to the constant travelling of it's founding member: Raffaele. This compilation was actually compiled by Paulo Maldoror in Portugal, but he passed it to Contaminated Prods because he couldn`t release it on his own tape label at the time. It features some of the most extreme acts of dark ambient/ soundcollage/ esoteric music active in the mid 90s- It is a rarity now and Contaminated Prods people are very happy to know it is now available on this blog.


Track Listing:

a02-B.D.N.-grave cracker
a03-MAEROR TRI-the glowing of night
a04-E.A.-sinless song
a05-NIGREDO-carmina profana
a06-CORVU PRETTU-echo my funeral
a07-CAPRICORNI PNEUMATICI-putredini obnoxius
b01-ABRA HAD ABRA-drath
b02-CORDIS CINTI SERPENTE-noo ladze rutha adz(evokation of Yog Sothoth)
b03-THERABAQUD LEIC-cadavre exquis

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