Monday, November 16, 2009

DSIP-Rebound ( c60-Contaminated Productions -1993)

German duo DSIP [Delta-Sleep-Inducing Peptide] were Dieter Mauson and Siegmar Fricke. They released lots of different tapes during the 90s. Some were totally diy, and some others were released on different tape labels. They were experimenting with digital and analog synthesizers and other electronic devices. Their music is a kind of electronic soundcollage/ambient/drone type. It`s quite difficult to know what they are up to since those days as I have lost touch with them a long time ago. The were surely one of the most prolific acts active back in the 90's in the tape labels scene. "Rebound" was released by Contaminated Productions in 1993,it came out with a colour (yellow or pink)plasticized paper cover as c60 format-released in about 200 copies.. It was sent to various parts of the globe.It features 4 tracks of incredible experimental-half ambient/half electronic music. enjoy it!! at the moment it is a very rare production.

Track listing:
A1 Soporific Range Of Thought
A2 Senescence
B1 Ashford Mortuary (Psycho-Therapy Sick-Ward)
B2 Painful Return


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