Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Skinflick Productions & Hex Minora - Flowers Of Perdition

Another cassette here from Hex Minora's BV Tapes label.. This time a co-release with S.F.P.D. Records.. Cannot say much really for Skinflick Productions.. Not really personally into their sort of industrial rock.. Maybe other folks may enjoy.. Hex Minora delivers more ov her great dark occult psycho/sexual elektroniks however, and makes it worth thee time to transfer this rare cassette.. Would say this cassette tis not for folks who cannot handle pornographic aesthetics: as it tis a theme heavilly present here..

A1 Skinflick Productions - Kid On Fire
A2 Skinflick Productions - I Married A Prostitute
A3 Skinflick Productions - Hate Rape
A4 Skinflick Productions - Preacher With Soul
A5 Skinflick Productions - I Am God
B1 Hex Minora - 20 Minute Anal Death Experience


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