Saturday, November 14, 2009

DISUMANA RES-paroxismus(Biotope art organization-1991 c60-italy)

Disumana Res is the personal project of Guglielmo Lanzilli: owner and founder of the tape label Biotope Art Organization, active in the 90s in Italy and then in UK. This is the first release of his own project called Disumana Res. At the time of its recording Guglielmo was living in Naples and collaborating with members of CONTROPOTERE(great industrial/punk collective /band from the 90s,one of the best Italian bands of that time)-in this tape Lucia, (singer) and Bostik (keyboardist) of Contropotere collaborate with him to create amazing "dark ambient-sound sculptures"-Paroxismus contains two long tracks(almost 30 mins each side)-it was released in 1991 as c60 with a very suggestive color collage printed in a photo format cover(included in this file).I will post more Disumana Res in future,for now enjoy this very exceptional pearl.quite rare indeed.


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