Monday, November 16, 2009

Tem Oph Ab - Psychika Et Mystika Pt.II

This early self-released single sided cassette from Italian dark elektronik artist Tem oph Ab begins with a brief quiet vocal chant which transitions fastly into La Grotta Di Pan with trancing harsh pulses which carry for over seven minutes.. next tis a brief erotik interlude ov thee climaxing tones ov a womans voice.. then follows Nel Segno Di Omega: a dirge ov downtuned strings and elektroniks which scrape forth for eight minutes to be met again with more climaxing feminine vocalistions.. next follows the highlight ov this cassette release a dark looming synthesiser piece: Una Notte Senza Luna.. the tape ends as it began: with thee quiet vocal chanting ..

Track Listing:
A1 L.V.X. (Ouverture)
A2 La Grotta Di Pan
A3 N.O.X. Pt.I
A4 Nel Segno Di Omega
A5 N.O.X. Pt.II
A6 Una Notte Senza Luna
A7 L.V.X. (Finale)


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  1. I found also flyer for this stuff spreaded by postage, here is a scan cover of it: