Tuesday, November 24, 2009

M.NOMIZED-High Technology(ContaminatedProds)

M.Nomized "High Technology" was released as a c60 in 1993 by Contaminated Prods and Cadenced Noise tape labels as a co-production. M. Nomized [Michel Madrange] was a very prolific artist from France. He was the owner and founding member of Fraction studio: an independent label releasing the M Nomized productons (also the ones with the other names used by this artist)+ other productions by his friends. M. Nomized appears on thousands of compilation tapes released in the 90s and circulated through the electronic tape scene, and he was one of the most famous artists from France active in this scene. He was also involved in the mail art network and in the zines scene. His music is a nice blend of crazy electronic,weird pop, and synth experimentation [if we can call it like that]. This tape has been printed in a run of 100 copies by Contaminanated Prods. Not sure how many copies Cadenced noize did. Enjoy it.

Track listing:

01-high technology(part 1)
02-high technology(part 2)
03-high technology(part 3)
04-high technology(part 4)
05-high technology(part 5)
06-high technology(part 6)
08-two hands
10-la chauve souris
12-en demolition
13-cuisine de 93


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