Sunday, November 22, 2009

VA - Cadenced Contaminations-(c60, comp, tape-1991- co-prod, )

Cadenced Contamination compilation tape(c60) was released in 1991 as a co-production between Cadenced Noise tape label in Caserta and Contaminated Prods in Benevento. The founders of both labels were then & are still now long time friends, and they decided to work on a common project trying to assemble an international compilation tape with international artists in the field of electronic/experimental music. It features some unknown artists and some other more famous from the tape labels network at that time.It came out with a small(A5 size) booklet with graphics and info about the bands and the labels(included here). Contaminated Prods printed about 150 copies of it. Not sure how many copies Cadenced Noise printed. It was distributed mainly via mail.

Track listing:

A1 Trauma Syndrom - Neuer Marschbefehl
A2 A. D. Eker - Vivere Humano
A3 Ataraxia - Anno Domini MDLVI
A4 Ataraxia - Torque Mada
A5 Delta-Sleep-Inducing Peptide - TZE (Process4)
A6 Mike Hovancsek - Graphite (With Busyditch)
B1 Mega Watt Group - Experimenta
B2 Solanaceae Tau - Lyserk Cult Connection
B3 Abra Had Abra - Shemale Mond
B4 Crimson Iguanadon, The - Microwaves
B5 Ego Abùlico - Suicidesexmania


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