Wednesday, July 14, 2010

v.a.-Death Roll-beware of little sins(c60-stone body records-1995-N.Irland)

this compilation was released in 1995 on thee label Stone Body Records from North Ireland which was run by Jeremy Herron who also perfromed with thee projekt name: Stone Body..

Skinflick Productions tis a UK based projekt who for some reason i cannot find myself getting into much.. just kinda feels like lackluster industrial rock to me, but maybe tis enjoyable to others..

factor X tis thee projekt ov Shaun Robert who provides some Schimpfluch -esque surreal audio experimentalism as well as some minimal industrial for thee third track which he presents: intricate..

Expose your Eyes tis thee projekt ov artist Paul Harrison.. thee track he provides here tis titled: freedomination, and consists ov nearly eight minutes ov static manipulation..

no clue who tis behind thee projekt H.A.V.E .. sounds like a garage rock jam band.. not too interested here personally..

Hex Minora tis thee projekt ov thee Ipswich, Suffolk UK female occult-industrial artist Carol-Ann [BV Tapes]!! thee track she provides here consists ov great trancing esoteric elektronikx!!

Stone Body tis as said previously thee projekt ov Jeremy Herron ov Northern Ireland who released this compilation.. thee tracks he presents constist ov wierd layered lo-fi elektronik experimentalism..

other than thee fact that Menace Dement tis an New York based projekt; there tis little info which i am able to obtain.. thee track: ninna-na begins with playground field recordings, and tis layered with junk percussions, dirgey distorted guitar work, and melancholy feminine vocals..

not able to offer any info for thee projekt Kane; who provides what begins as a semi-interesting industrial piece which erupts into bombastic lo-fi noize with which it tis accompanied for thee remaining duration ov thee piece..

Track listing:

a01-Skinflick Productions-violator
a02-Skinflick Productions-seed
a03-Skinflick Productions-candy(come and play)
a04-factor X-d sire
a05-factor X-did you see my child
a06-factor X-intricate
a07-Expose your Eyes-freedomination
b01-H.A.V.E-sacred groove
b02-H.A.V.E.-still groovin
b03-Hex Minora-adrift
b04-Stone Body-going down
b05-Stone Body-t.m.a. version I
b06-Menace Dement-ninna-na
b07-Kane-ongoing part I

(transferred by [[F@R@W@Y]] / review by crepusculum)

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