Thursday, July 22, 2010

Ars Moriendi - [2 cassettes]

Ars Moriendi [Bielefeld, Germany] were founded in 1989.. their lineup consisted ov various members including: Andrea Börner [KYAM, Monokrom, Templegarden's], Andreas Schramm [KYAM, Monokrom, Templegarden's, Asche, Riviera Lost Boys], Phillip Münch [Cell Auto Mata, The Incredible Three, Mandelbrot, Monokrom, Rasputeen In Heavy Leather, Rasputin, The Rorschach Garden, Show Of Exaggeration, Synapscape, Templegarden's], Sven Pügge [Moata Omen], Tim Kniep [The Incredible Three, Monokrom, Synapscape, Templegarden's], Urs Münch.. their releases appeared on thee lables: Fich-Art, Ant-Zen, Pflichtkauf..

thee sounds ov these cassettes vary from esoteric tekno/elektro to ritual industrial/ atmospheric elektronikx.. all brilliant and greatly appreciated here!!

extremely elated to be sharing here two ov their releases donated to this blog from thee collection ov Guglielmo [Biotope Art Organization]!! there shall be more Fich-Art cassettes upcoming here which he has also kindly shared with us!!

ars moriendi-uber leben 1-(fich art-germany-c60-1993)

Track listing:

A1 Brainwaves/Open You!
A2 Verworrene Welt
A3 Splatter Me
A4 Preciousness
B1 Enthropie
B2 Cyberspace
B3 Desire

ars moriendi-boom survivor(fich art-germany-c60-1994)

A01 Bewegung
A02 The Lake Of Light
A03 Armageddon
A04 Kein Wille
A05 Verworrene Welt
A06 Tease You
B01 Dream On
B02 Deeper Trance
B03 Conscious
B04 Endlich

(transferred by [[F@R@W@Y]] / review by crepusculum)

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