Saturday, July 10, 2010


elated to be able to review here this astonishing kompilation which tis shared freely here from Alaska/ Oakland based Katabatik meta-communications and soundsystem who are responsible for creating some ov thee most unimaginably potent elektronik sonorous forms out there: [wierdcore / death-trance / abandoned house / funeral lounge / satanik disko / astral dub / zombient / transyuggothian throat singing / u.b.m. (uncontrollable body movement) / queasy listening / tentacle funk / slime wave / battle ambient / drone and beat / kosmicheterrorismus..]!! as a label they have released recordings from astonishing esoteric elektronikx artists such as: Nommo Ogo, Sacrificial Totem, Poison Ring, Psimurgh, R.M.S., A.:S.:., Kanopic Descent, Dimentia, Susperium, Psychotigen, Lacedon, T.O.P.A.A.P.O.B.W.A.I.I., Nezzy Idy, Pucca Pangenitor, I.N.R.I., Amorphous Ossiferrous,.. this excellent kompilation brings together some ov these; as well as some new names to thee roster ov luminous dark elektronikx artists whom they are associated with!!

R.M.S. tis thee projekt ov San Francisco based Barrett Clark who tis also a member ov A.:S.:., thee track he provides here: Knots tis something akin to Coil -esque atmospheres meeting Basic Channel -esque minimal tekno at it's finest!!

Oakland based Brotman & Short provide a great minimal wave piece titled: Daughters of Flame!!

Mikronaut provide thee piece: Europsyche which consists ov more excellent minimal wave elektronikx with pounding bass and awesome vocoded vocals!!

Scott Arford [Radiosonde, Infrasound, 7hz] provides a Cure cover: Cold done with slow throbbing rhythm, epic synthesizer work, and more excellent vocoder usage!!

Oakland based artist Sean Dimentia [Kanopic Descent, Pansophia] provides a nice piece ov minimal wave elektronikx with slow excellent synthesizer work, great sequencing, and sparse vocoder use as well as some somber vocal material for thee piece titled: Thyme Lost!!

Mnemoth provides thee great dark minimal wave elektro piece titled: Sense Net; which again provides excellent synthesizer, sequencing, and vocoder material!!

Alaska/ Oakland based artist Djynnx tis a member ov thee kvlt space elektronikx projekt Nommo Ogo and tis one ov thee core personages behind Katabatik!! thee track he presents here tis an excellent elektro piece titled: Nth Veil!!

Fluorescent Grey tis thee projekt ov Oakland based artist Robert Martin.. thee track which he presents here: Do you want to see something really scary? consists ov strangely suspensefull orchestral workx which end in a glitched repetitious stuttering..

thee actor Peter Falk said, "I remember once in high school the umpire called me out at third base when I was sure I was safe. I got so mad I took out my glass eye, handed it to him and said, 'Try this.'.. thee amasing piece titled: Glass Eye from Oakland based Seacrypt [Djynnx, Chelsea, Paul] begins with beauteous synthesizer work, restrained percussions, and dusky beatific feminine vocals which step up into a nice minimal wave elektro dancefloor anthem!!

Oakland based provide thee great elektro piece: Needles Eye which has great banging sequencing, strange synthesizer work, and excellent feminine gothick vocals which all develop amasingly!! effing love this piece!!

Nezzy Idy tis thee great esoteric elektro projekt ov Oakland based artist Emit Idy who provides here thee dark elusive track entitled: Virag which has excellent sunless atmospheres and gothickly groaning vocoded vocals!!

Zania Morgan tis thee projekt ov Oakland artist Zaskia Morgan who tis also behind thee brilliant psychotic gothick industrial projekt Headless Lizzy & Her Icebox Pussy [whose full-length release tis highly anticipated here!!], ritual performance projekt Aixela with Patricia Cram [Vial Magazine], and has also participated in thee live rituals ov thee Cascadian gothick industrial projekt The Red King from thee sulphurously stained hands ov brilliant occult artist Johann BrÅn Cleereman [Corvus Corax!!]!! thee track she provides here: Flesh World begins with slow synthesizer progression and samples referring to thee questioning ov perceptions ov existence, and transitions to excellent restrained sequencing, gothick organ workx, and similarly gothick layers ov Zaskia's uniquely powerfull vocals!! cannot wait to hear more ov thee works from her astonishing projekts!!

Column One tis thee projekt ov Berlin based artists Rene Lamp and Robert Schalinski.. "Column One operates as a collective.. besides the founding members a changing amount of various members changes from project to project: Andrew Loadman, Jerome Soudan (aka Mimetic), Wojcek Czern (aka Zia Siodma Gora), Jürgen Eckloff (also: Kein Zweiter), Leo Solter (also: Kein Zweiter, Tornow), R.U. Brain-Bridge..." thee track provided here tis titled: Nuss in der Backe, and begins with thee sounds ov a marching band with thee distant voices ov children, whistles, laughter, splashes, and brings in eery metallic shimmering which tis met with great sequencing work, what sounds like maybe Czech feminine vocals, and transitions back to thee marching band, but now in a delerium ov strange processing which becomes more demented whilst coming unto it's ending..

Nuit Hadit [pronounced: knew it had it] tis another projekt ov Barrett Clark and Flora [DJ Pink Noise] who both also make up thee astounding dark elektronikx projekt A.:S.:.!! thee track they provide here tis titled: Incantation, and consists ov beauteous synth and sequencer progressions which are again reminiscent ov Coil!!

hope that this one may see some sort ov a physical release at some point, but as for now; it tis an astonishing document which tis tremendously enjoyed here!!!



  1. Psychotigen have ae new websight at

  2. both of these katabatik compilations are excellent.