Friday, July 30, 2010

Stefano Biasin & Nana Bobo (irre tapes - Germany - 1989 - c46)

obscure dissonant soundscapes here from Italian sound artist/film maker Stefano Biasin [Teatrino Della Volpe, S. Biasin Trio, Lvnvs, Teatro Satanico!!] and unknown [to me] artist: Nana Bobo.. released in 1989 on thee German label Irre Tapes which was run by Matthias Lang who also ran thee underground publication: IRRE Fanzine!!

though thee cover lists six seperate pieces; was not able to decipher thee breaks.. in fact it seems thee first side ends abruptly, and continues on thee second.. dark passages ov free jazz-esque dissonant experimental instrumental sonic miasmas!!

[note: my copy arrived hidden within thee cut out pages ov a paper back novel..]

Track listing:

1 Cio Amor
2 Bionda In Gondoleta
3 Biancneve
4 Six Sex Sax
5 Tornerai Tornero
6 Numbers


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  1. Thanks for this. Amazing stuff. Reminds me a little of Roland Kayn's work.