Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Deison / Dead Body Love - Useless Suicide - c20 - 1997

this C-20 cassette was thee third release in thee "Uneasy Listening Experience" series on Loud! which was run by Desion Cristiano, and was limited to an edition ov 50 copies which were released in thee year 1997!!

Deison tis thee projekt ov thee Italian artist Desion Cristiano [Cinise, Metahead, Loud!] who provides two pieces; thee first ov which: Complicate Pregnancy consists ov slow synthesizer progression with accompanying power elektronikx edginess which overwhelms a bit at times, and thee second piece: Low Silence which appropriately consists ov quieter low rumbling power elektronikx essentially..

Dead Body Love tis thee projekt ov Italian artist Gabriele Giuliani [Alzheimer T.V., Discordance, Drift, Gabriele Giuliani, Gridlock, Oleoresin Capsicum..]!! thee track G.G. provides here: Obliterator tis essentially scathing nihilistic noize with thee aim ov destroying all!!

Track listing:

A1 Deison - Complicate Pregnancy
A2 Deison - Low Silence
B1 Dead Body Love - Obliterator


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