Saturday, January 2, 2010

Solanaceae Tau - 4 Cassettes

I have spoken already on this blog about this amazing band: Solanaceae Tau-they were an anti-fascist band from Germany active throughout the middle 80s until the middle 90s. They released lots of good tapes both d.i.y. and on different tape labels. Their music is a good mix of cold/dark wave and experimental-electronics made with samples, keyboards, female vocals, drum machine, and sometimes guitar. Some of their productions come with full lyrics inserts while some others come with less info(I did scan + add all the cover sleeves in these folders). I am not sure if they re-formed back in 2000 when they released a cdr. In 2007 they realeased a new cdr called "Novus Ordum Seclorum” which is available on as a free download. Here I am posting 4 more tapes by this band. I think I should have one more still to convert into digital. That one is called “Club Des Haschischins” which is quite an old one as well, but it has been re-relased on cdr back in 1995. Enjoy these tapes, and please if you have more info about this band drop us a comment. We`d love to know more.

SOLANACEAE TAU-transgerman mind configuration(diy tapework,c60-june 1990)

Track listing:

Side A
1 Nigthmares By A Reunited Country
a The Thousand Years Dancers
b German Kakophonics - Commend By Tucholsky
c Universal Eurospot Muzak
2 Reunion Rapture
a Shades Of Collective Mind
b Transitzeit
c The Saxon Invasion
3 Age Of Sabot
a Minotaur
b Individual Robotron
Side B
1 Daily Massacre
a Traumgesang Der Läuse
b The Wolf Song
c Tanks Of Xiao Ping
Guitar - Jason Fretz
2 Ethnological Hazard
a Part One
b Part Two
3 Terrestial Language Quiet
a Haunted Depression
b Mysterious Dialoge

SOLANACEAE TAU-Outdoor Expressions-Irre Tapes-c46-1990-

Track listing:

A1 The Wolf Song
A2 Ozonik Hunter
A3 Ethnological Hazard II
A4 Muzak Transmission Line
A5 The Algorhythm Dream
B1 Saxon Invasion
B2 Individual Robotron
B3 Tanks Of Xiao Ping
B4 Education Of Anarchy
B5 Teuton
B6 Submissioned By Machine

[note: seems to me to be too much bass, or a bit overdubbed - anyway it doesn`t sound so bad to me... if anyone has a better copy we would love to hear/share it!]

SOLANACEAE TAU-destruction is not negative...(diy c60 tape 1991)

Track listing:

A1 Europes Funeral Party
A2 Machination Engine
A3 The Riak
A4 Kopernikus 23
A5 Toxid Broadcast
A6 Rausch Der Leidenschaft
A7 Terminal Vivisektion
A8 Gates Of Well
B1 Psycho Teuton
B2 Paralysed Heart Of Dawn
B3 SX 5186 SFX
B4 Jääärne
B5 Tangens Code
B6 No Cherubim Wave

SOLANACEAE TAU-a chemical in debris(c60- diy-Germany--1989)

Track listing:

A1 Ozonic Hunter
A2 Amplitude Overload Desaster
A3 Replikant
A4 Ozonik Hunter
A5 Koenig Kreon
A6 The Anti-Immune Factory
A7 Catholic Mindfuck
A8 Diagnostic Kontrazeptiva
B1 Fashions Of Human Insanity
B2 Climatic Catastrophy
B3 Filhos Da Revolucao
B4 Tau P.
B5 DNA Desaster
B6 Le Technicien Opaque
B7 Education Through Anarchy
B8 Exlibris S.T.
B9 Pestilential In Promised Land
B10 Thermonuclear Wardance

[note: the first track on a side of "a chemical in debris",it sounds like my tape is a bit damaged on that track, but then on the second track the sound becomes much better]



  1. Interesting stuff. Do you maybe have older cassettes - "Voices Of Theatre" and "Teutonic dances And pagan Rituals"?

  2. Excellent! Thank You Very Much!
    A Great New year for You.

  3. presently all we have is shared on this blog w/ thee exception ov "Club Des Haschischins" which shall likely be posted at some point in the future here.. would love to hear any more you may be able to share..

    be(a)st wishes!!

  4. New remastered Reissue out now ;