Saturday, January 2, 2010

Vatican's Children - Satan, Secrets, & Over The Bridges Of Time

As with many occult electronikx projekts: thee roots ov this projekt are rather obscure, but thankx to thee kindness ov thee dear friend Mauricio [who also provided the rip here ov his copy ov Secrets] we have some ammount ov info to share..

"From the roots of Kriessern Austria,everything started with a band named L.A.A formed by Alzbeth, Andy, and Albin Julius in 1991. They played 2 concerts and recorded some tracks in studio. After too many understanding problems,Alzbeth and Albin formed THE MOON LAY HIDDEN BENEATH A CLOUD, and Andy departed to form Vatican's Children with some members of the very first Alzbeth band E.Win and Female Singer Nihal."

For myself personally Vatican's Children were one ov very few projekts that seem to fuse genres ranging from extremely depressive gothic-rock to minimal-occult industrial to abrasive late 90's tekno, and pull it off astonishingly.. Tis hard to do justice to thee uniqueness ov thee sounds they were creating.. Hope that these releases [which were self-released on Vatican's Children's own private label] provide inspiration for the readers ov this blog as they have here..

Satan 1994

Track listing:

2.Rigor Mortis
4.The End Of The Road
6.The Shadow
7.The Way
8.A Fragment
9.We Have Nothing To Do With...
10.Try It
11.Das 7. Siegel

Secrets 1997

Track listing:

1 Millennium
2 Purity
3 Isolation
4 Deadly Arrow
5 Meditation
6 Eternal Life
7 Lost Reality
8 Torture Garden
9 The Playground
10 Jihad

Over The Bridges Of Time... 1998

Track listing:

Side A from The Vatican's Archive chapter I 1987-1993.
A1 Der Frierende Organismus
A2 Machine
A3 Time
A4 Pilotheus
A5 Cavespiders
A6 Angst (Live)
Side B from the Secret's Recording Sessions 1997.
B1 Isolation-Part 1
B2 Black Floyd [Inspired by Pink Floyd]
B3 Chamber #9



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  2. Hi,
    i couldn't get the jpegs from
    Over The Bridges Of Time. i've downloaded it twice and had problems. Is it ok?
    thanks, luv this blog

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  4. Salve,

    nice to see, that VC are still out there.
    To set some thinks straight - Nihal, E-Win and also Godot (Projekt Angst) did some great session with us (TLament and me - he was a member of the pre - L.A.A project "gods gift" and we formed VC together...1994).
    We decided to end the project in the Year 2000 and started a new one with the name "Swallowredrain". 2006 the CD "Nocturne" was released. If you like - you can find the CD and some more Infos (german language) here:

    PS: It is ok, if you offer our work for free on this side (we like your review :-) - If someone like to order some of the original CD`s (Satan, Secrets) or the record (over the bridges of...) we have a few of the rare limited editions left.