Thursday, January 14, 2010

VA - Cerimonial - c90 - 1987

This compilation was taken as a live recording from an experimental rock festival in Prato(Tuscany)in 1988. It was released by the Brain Of The Monster, a radical fanzine about music and anti-art conceived by a famous mail artist: Alessandro Ceccotto in Adria. He was running a big mail art archive, and this fanzine as well. I have no idea how many copies he printed of it. It was packaged with a red plasticized cover.
About the bands: there`s not much need for introduction as many are very famous nowdays. The recording is not bad if you consider that it`s all live.

Track listing:

a01-CURRENT 93-oh,coal black smith
a02-CURRENT 93-black flowers ,please
a03-LEGENGARY PINK DOTS-intro-true love
a04-LEGENDARY PINK DOTS-vigil anti
a05-LEGENDARY PINK DOTS-a lost for powder
a06-LEGENDARY PINK DOTS-intro-the echo police
a07-PAOLO GIARO-insulti programmatici
b01-PAOLO GIARO-orchestrion
b02-T.A.G.C.-music n1
b06-EINSTURZENDE NEUBAUTEN-zeichnungen des patienten e. t


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