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E.A. 8 tape-works.

I have spoken already about E.A. ghost project on this blog. It was a kind of open collective aiming to mix different forms of art: joining the idea of art destruction. The idea was to mix mail art, recycling objects, poetry, and music or anti music. This “ghostly” project was born in southern Italy, and included individuals from different towns who were collaborating whenever it was possible without any ties, and the name was always changing keeping only the initials E.A.

I included in this folder a presentation that at the time this collective was distributing to let people know about their activities. A big thanks go to PUPPY BARF who converted into digital format almost all those tapes back in 2006.

Emanazione Afona- De-composizioni sonore-(c 46-1992-Contaminated Prods, Italy)

In 1990 E.A. released a small zine with ready-mades, recycling objects, copy art, and poetry. It was printed in 100 numbered copies, and distributed by Contaminated Prods.

In 1992 they worked on the same idea, but on tape. It was a project that wanted to unite poetry and music. More than 10 people took part in this project, and it is definitely the project where E.A. managed to work as a proper collective even if the people involved didn’t` even know. The tape was recorded in the practice room of B.D.O. [the band in which RAFF was playing at the time]in Caserta: using different instruments. The tape evolves into areas such as weird pop, sound-collage, sonic poetries, dark ambient, and pure experimental music using: microphones, pedals, effects, guitar, bass, drum machine, flutes, vocals, loops, tapes, radio, and more. It is the tape-work that includes more music genres; although never very well defined. The poetry was written by different people involved in this project. Contaminated Prods printed 150 copies of this tape. It came in a plasticized cover-sleeve(included here). Also this is the only tape that was later in the 2006 printed on cd. You will find here the cover art for the cd. Thanx to Puppybarf for the work for the cd conversion, and the graphix conversion to cd size. This cd was only distributed as gift for friends anyway.

For this project E.A. means Aphonic Emanation.

Track listing:

02-cerchio di coscienza
03-tesi circonstanziate
07-nil nisi bonum
08-cielo ambrato-latte
10-poncif(luogo comune)
11-di nuovo al freddo
12-oasi finale del rantolare
13-sons indistinct...
14-remote vene di vita
17-finestre sulla pena
19-fuori programma

Embolia Assassina - Diskarika Screaming(c 60, Contaminated Prods-1992)

The idea behind this project was to use the sounds from the video tapes from the 1st squat in Foggia, called Diskarika (as it was an old discharge), Raff and Mario with Megawatt extracted the sounds from different video tapes of this squat. There are then sounds of demonstrations, gigs, debates, and daily life of this squat mixed with additional sounds created by E.A. It is a full experiment of sound collage and field recordings.

The tape came in a very special package made of hard cardboard where on the front: the tape hard cover was glued on the cardboard, and then on the top was glued a photocopy treated with an acid to make a blurred graphic work. On the back there was glued a presentation of this project both in Italian and English. You will find the pictures of the cover included in this folder although they don`t really give the same perception of the box you would have on the original package. For this project E.A. means killing embolism.

Lato A
Lato B

Emblema Angelico-Mudmilklove (c60 Red neon tapes-Belgium-1993)

This was the first tape that was not released on Contaminated Prods. Red Neon Tapes was a small tape label in Belgium that was only exchanging tapes(no selling involved) Patrick Parent the mind behind this label invited E.A. to release a tape. Raff worked with a few friends to collect noises and sonic expression, and they created those songs with a 4 track recorder. The inspirational points were tribalism, esoteric magick, and pure deconstruction of the music idea. We don`t know how many copies Patrick made of this tape. The cover sleeve is a collage made by Patrick using copy art copies made by RAFF

For this project E.A. means Angelic Emblem.

Track listing:

01. War
02. Electric Tie
03. Just Another Prey
04. Tribal Conviction's End
05. Horror's Miracles
06. Another Side of My sensability
07. A Strange Kind of Love
08. Shadows of Naked Feelings
09. Slaughtered Angels
10. Bullshits Heart
11. Nervous Breakdown

Eiaculazione Amusicale-your VOICE remixing project-(c46-1990-Contaminated prods?-

note: It was never stated that Cont. Prods released this tape, but in fact this label exchanged it with other active tape labels at the time.

This was actually the documentation for a mail art project launched by E.A. in 1989, and finished in 1990. The idea was to collect different vocals (whatever a mail artist wanted to express with his voice: singing, shouting, talking , wheezing…) and then to create with those vocals a tape with additional sounds. Different mail artists took part in this project, and once the tape was finished they received it as documentation for it. In fact this tape has never been for sale, but only used to make exchange. The art on the cover was made with wall paper covering the plastic folder with a little window on the front. On the back there was a glued photocopy with additional info. There was also a cover sleeve including the contacts for the mail artists involved and the song-titles. This is pure sound-collage with lots of vocals. For this project E.A. means (no-musical ejaculation)

Track listing:

01. Your Voice by Mail (part I)
02. Break
03. Your Voice by Mail (part II)
04. Voices in Envelopes
05. Voices in Love From...
06. Angry Voices, Happy Voices
07. Noise Without Voices

Elfo Atomico-pestilentia urit urbem-(Cat Killer –Germany 1994-c60)

Carsten From Cat Killer released this tape-work in 1994. There were only 2 long tracks running pure noise death industrial. Only two people worked on this project. The art work on the cover was made by RAFF, and then re-elaborated by Carsten who printed a limited edition of 93 copies. Each came with a slightly different cover; depending on how he was cutting the two colour copies to set up the cover sleeve. For this project E.A. means Atomic Elf.

Track listing:

Sickness Side
A Untitled
Death Side
B Untitled

Enigma Analogico / Culver split tape(cadenced noise-1997-Italy-c60)

This tape was released on Cadenced Noize in 1997. It was one of the last tapes by E.A. Six people worked on it, and it was recorded in the practice room of the Ex CIM squat in Foggia during a jam session improvised by different members of Brandelli d`Odio using different instruments such as keyboard, drum machine, percussion, effects, and vocals. The music is a no-sense of percussion like industrial de-constructivism. E.A. passed the recordings to Cadenced Noize label, but also made few copies just to trade it with other tape productions. E.A. used a different cover sleeve (not included in this folder-here you will find the cover sleeve made by Cadenced Noise tape label). I think Culver made his own copies so I have no idea of how many copies were printed by the 3 people involved in the distribution. For this project E.A. means Analog Enigma.

Track listing:

Belated X
A1 Culver - Belated X. Pt.1
A2 Culver - Belated X. Pt.3
A3 Culver - Belated X. Pt.4
Un Salto
B1 Enigma Analogico - Fragment 1
B2 Enigma Analogico - Fragment 2
B3 Enigma Analogico - A Jump In The Dark

Entrata Aperta-the mirror shed tears(Anapeste label autoproduzioni 1995,Italy-c60)

This tape was recorded in the room of Raff in Ex Cim squat in Foggia. Davide and Raff worked on it as a project exploring the dark side of the psyche. It came out as a good example of ritual-esoteric electronix. The main instruments were keyboards and samples. It was released in 1995 by Anapeste tape label. I don`t know how many copies Anapeste printed. By the way E.A. printed some other copies just to trade them with some tape labels. It came with an info sheet about E.A. The cover sleeve is an art work by Raff-printed on some zines as well. For this project E.A. means Open Entry.

Track listing:

A1 Traum
A2 Drops Of Ashes
A3 Lenses Stained With Blood
A4 Cancer Lachrymatory And Grey Mouths
A5 Photos Of Mass-Murders
B1 Porno-Landscapes
B2 Unhuman Trobs
B3 Anguish Inorganic Eyes
B4 Final Oasis Of Wheezing
B5 Haemorrage Yourself

Essere Amore/Herb Mullin-split tape(c60 Matching Head tape label-UK-1996)

This tape is a split with English noise artist Herb Mullin. E.A. just did a “cut & paste” of old recordings to create a non-fluid improvisation using just a tape deck and an occasional 4 track recorder. I have no idea how many copies Matching Head label printed. The graphix of this tape were created by Matching Head tape label, and they came with a copy art cover sleeve (included here), and were wrapped into those photocopies inside a small plastic bag. For this project E.A. means To Be Love.

Track listing:

A Herb Müllin - Free (Jail Break Mix)
B Essere Amore - cutting our past recordings with a bloody knife

Well here is the end of this presentation. A big thanx goes to Suzy for helping me with this writing and to Vita Ignes : Corpus Lignum for publishing these tapes. I just want to mention that there are 3 tapes missing here, and I will post them in February. I am happy to donate these tapes to this blog. If other bloggers want to use them (if some people will ever be interested in this crap) then please contact this blog before. It will be nice to know that you are interested to know more and publish these tapes. All the graphix were made by Raff, and I tried to include them here in the different folders as much as possible. Also I added to each folder some additional graphics and writings as special gifts for this nice blog.


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