Monday, September 10, 2012

Cultes Des Goules

rare ritualised recordings such as these are the reason why these writings have recommenced!! thee Portuguese projekt Cultes Des Goules consisted ov members Martin Volk [The Evil Speaks], Oliver Rühl [The Evil Speaks], Rüdiger Seibert [Book of Dzyan, Experiment Nnord, Fields of Winter, Lore of Asmoday], and Stefan Dierks [Dass, Kloft Retarder, Krachgau, Krim-Kongo-Broadcast, UB Plasma].. thee dirgeing accoustic recordings with likely usage ov reverberation or perchance site-based echo are unique in their usage ov ritual instrumentations which are at times hard to surmise.. whilst bells, wind instrumentation, and vocalisations are discernable at points- thee specific types ov instrumentation are rather elusive as are these cassettes which were released upon thee Portuguese labels Strukturen Für Irrtum Und Erkenntnis run by Stefan Dierks & SPH which was run by Fernando Cerqueira (member of Ras al Ghul) in thee veary early 90's..

note: absent from these rips tis thee booklet for Rituale Romanum.. if anyone reading this may care to share scans ov their copies - it would be tremendously appreciated!!

beAst wishes!!

Rituale Romanum

Track listing:

A1 Sacrificum Intellectus

A2 Nihil Novi Sub Sole
A3 Pulvis Et Umbra Sumus
B1 Horrible Dictu
B2 Finis Coronat Opus


Track listing:

A1 Night On A Bare Mountain III

A2 Night On A Bare Mountain I
B1 Night On A Bare Mountain II

(crepusculum - from thee honeyed hallucinations ov thee hive)

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