Monday, September 10, 2012

Acanthometra - Coital Flesh - Allegorical Tapes - 1995

some rather mysterious personage[s] synthesized thee sonorous emanations ov this lustfully packaged cassette which was released upon thee Italian industrial/ambient cassette label Allegorical Tapes & which was later re-released as Carne Da Coito upon thee always magnificent Italian label Old Europa Cafe!! thee materials consist ov two lengthlier compositions: Vulva Meat Dilator & Penetral Cannabalism!! those whose philias reside within thee realms ov eroticised elektronik environs ov synthesized sexual sonorisms shall be scinitillated with this anonymously authored release!!

note: no pornographic samplings were utilised in the production ov thee audio found upon this cassette- just hard pulsating synths and sequencings!!

(crepusculum - from thee honeyed hallucinations ov thee hive)

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