Monday, September 10, 2012

Ain Soph & Sigillum S - Cthulhu Records - 1989

"tis it in delirium that these descriptives ov a deleterious descent inverted are disseminated?
for ages untold thee waiting whittled away unwaveringly whilst we were witness to thee unweaving..
his beard was much greyer than i had remembered; so much time had seperated our paths..
& my personage had not failed to resemble thee uncaring wrath ov age borne upon my presence..
for years there have resided memories ov a mythic libarary- once labored over lovingly; which had fallen unto neglect as thee absented care-taker was stolen away by hands ov avarice.
were they voices found within dreams which drew me back towards those precipitous steps probing skyward which i had never known, yet which did not fail to deliver me towards these ramshackled remnants ov a hive ov whose honeyed most inner harmonics ov hallucination emanate?"

thee Roma based Italian projekt Ain Soph were active for over twenty years & generated an opus which has irrefutably impacted many who have followed!! conjuring dark ritual atmospherics beginning in thee early 80's, and working into realms which were at times neo-classical, archaic-choral, traditionalist folk,  and even psychedelicised renderings ov rock. this cassette was released intitially upon thee "highly respected German industrial/experimental electronics label Cthulu which operated from 1981 until 31 Dec. 1999. Will-I Stasch and Rose Kasseckert ran the label and are well-known for their work as Ernte, as well as being two-thirds of Mental Measuretech and publishing the magazine "The Feverish"." the cassette was also later reissued onto a vinyl format by thee astonishing Italaian labels Old Europa Cafe & Misty Circles!! whilst thee materials for thee Ain Soph side ov this release are not easily definable; an inarticulate summation comrprised ov thee descriptives dark ritual electronics, haunting choral workx, and neo-classical symphonics may be within a range ov aproximation; though thee reader/listener shall hopefully draw reactions ov their own.. thee lineup for these recordings was listed as: Clau-D.E.D.I. [Claudio Giammarini- Circus Joy, Sentinels, Mushroom's PatienceMALATO..], Crucifuge, Foraenovis, and Marcello Fraioli [Sex Voto, Spectre]!!

thee projekt Sigillum S [alternately known as Apocalypse Fanfare & Helix] were "formed in Milan on 23 December 1985 by Paolo Bandera [Komplet, Sshe Retina Stimulants, Sidra ], Eraldo Bernocchi [Black Engine, Charged, Equations of Eternity, Metallic Taste of Blood, Owls, Parched, Somma], and Luca Di Giorgio! still active after more than twenty-five years ov creative activities; thee presence ov this projekt tis undefinably magnificent!! thee recordings for this cassette consist ov uncanny synthesizer ambiances with ritualistic percussions and vocals with thee usuage ov human bones as instrumentation!!

for all ov those who may have been waiting: may this be a token ov affection from your faltering presenteur..

Track listing:
A1 Ain Soph – Rex Tremendae
A2 Ain Soph – Estey
A3 Ain Soph – Katàbasis
A4 Ain Soph – Retrowange Novelle


B1 Sigillum S – Sea Ov Dreams
B2 Sigillum S – Abyss Dissection
B3 Sigillum S – Deepest Of My Brain
B4 Sigillum S – Into The Nothing
B5 Sigillum S – Iconsire

(crepusculum - from thee honeyed hallucinations ov thee hive)

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