Saturday, December 5, 2009

VA - Reaping Time - A Tribute To Death In June

This cassette was released in 95 in an addition ov 222 copies by Psychotic Release, and features many great artists representing many different styles ov musick paying homage to thee apocalyptic folk projekt which needs no introduction: Death In June.. Thee musickal interpretations range from from ritual-industrial, to death-rock, to dark-wave, to neofolk, and many crossings in betwixt.. as the label states within: "TAKE IT NOW OR FOREVER REST IN PEACE."

Track listing:

A1 Sulphureous Church - Heilige Tod!
A2 Ermeneuma - Nothing Changes
A3 Gerstein - All Alone In Her Nirvana
A4 Futhark - Little Black Angel
A5 Lady Domino - Blood Victory
A6 Pervas Nefandum - We Are The Lust
A7 Nekromantik - The Guilty Have No Past
A8 Teatro Satanico - E' Un Sogno
B1 Runes Order - Last Farewell
B2 Tombstone - Bring In The Night
B3 Xilema - Death Of The West
B4 Dawn Fades - Fields Of Rape
B5 Desire - Death Of A Man
B6 The Humanoid Army - Rule Again
B7 Nobody - The Wall Of Sacrifice


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  1. Great Collection. I really love the Humanoid Army cover. Have tried to find any of the tapes this band had recorded but no luck so far.

    In case you have any,feel free to post it:)

    Thanks you for your effort in this blog.