Wednesday, December 9, 2009

SOLANACEAE TAU-danse macabre at the garden of delight-(c60-diy-1992-germany)

Solanaceae Tau was a prolific band(maybe duo)from Frankfurt, Germany. They started in 1986, and released a very good amount of tapes with anarcho-oriented lyrics mixed with cold electro/dark wave with female vocals,guitars, and experimental electronics/soundcollage. They were very active in the tape labels scene, and they took part in many international compilation tapes. This tape is dated 1992, and it came out with an A4 sheet containing most of the lyrics. By me this is considered one of the most beautiful of their releases, but you might have a different idea. I will post some more in the future.

Track listing:

A1 Barrels Of Blood
A2 Dadachao Introduction
A3 Bring Me The Head Of The D.J.
A4 Cannibal Modern
A5 The Play Between
A6 Clockwork Orange Complex
A7 Garden Delight
A8 One Note Jam
A9 Et Salute...La Vie
A10 Children Of Intifada
A11 Birdhouse
B1 Sandpit Simulation
B2 Et Salute La Tscherno - Debil
B3 Inconsequent Aryan
B4 Carnival As Emetic
B5 Lyserk Cult Connection
B6 Shaman
B7 Nascent Landscape
B8 Withering Green
B9 Bagdhad Opera
B10 Seriectic Novace



  1. Greetings from Ritualistic Nature blog, first of all i would like to congratulate your work here on VitaignesCorpuslignum, very nice music that you post here, a discover for me, many thanks. I will add your link in R.N, once more thanks for the music you share.

  2. thanks for the wonderful release !

    according to the cassette booklet you're missing two tracks from this rip, namely: B3-Inconsequent Aryan 2:57 and B4-Carnival As Emetic 2:36)

    have you indeed omitted them or it is an error on the cassette booklet (as in those tracks simply aren't there) ?