Tuesday, December 29, 2009

RAISON D`ETRE-SVASTI AYANAM(split tape)-the ring of Isvarah(c60 Slaughter Prods)

A split cassette here from two projekts from the prolific ritual sonorous composer Peter Anderson [Atomine Elektrine, D:Combe, Grismannen, Necrophorus, Panzar, raison d'être, Svasti-ayanam] With this release on Marco Corbelli's label Slaughter Productions Peter utilises one ov his monikers with thee most copious back catalog: raison d'être; as well as one ov his least utilised nomenclatures: Svasti-ayanam. Both projekts deliver wondrous occult sonorism ov thee highest order!! Trancing choral bursts with deep expansive droning synthesisers and beatific piano lines delve deeply into an inner experience bound to leave profound effects felt deeply!! Revel in thee wondrous occult sonorism!!

Track listing:

A1 raison d'être - Cantharsis
A2 raison d'être - Mourning
A3 raison d'être - Mezmerized In Sorrow
A4 raison d'être - Out Of The Depths...
A5 raison d'être - Dekay
A6 raison d'être - Inquest
A7 raison d'être - Disektion
B1 Svasti-ayanam - Chakra-Puja
B2 Svasti-ayanam - Varna-Sankara
B3 Svasti-ayanam - Ugra-Karma
B4 Svasti-ayanam - Zar
B5 Svasti-ayanam - Yajña-Purusa
B6 Svasti-ayanam - Adhyätmika

(Faraway & crepusculum)

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