Tuesday, December 22, 2009

DSIP - 11 Cassettes

DSIP was a duo formed by Siegmar Fricke and Dieter Mauson in Germany in the early 1990s. They were very active and prolific; releasing lots of different tapes both on their own personal tape label called "DSIP Productions" and on other tape labels(in Europe and in U.S.A. ), also they took part in lots of different international compilation tapes. They were playing a kind of hypno-experimental electronic music using samples, keyboards, tapes, voices, effects, drum machines,and radios. Their name is an abbreviation for Delta-Sleep-Inducing Peptide.
They were one of the major acts of electronic experimental music coming from a very underground scene made of mail contacts and tape productions. Here I am putting on this blog all the DSIP tapes that I have due to direct contact with them. I scanned the cover-sleeve of every tape and added it to each folder; so you`ll have the complete digital version for every tape. For all you lovers of unknown amazing music from the 90s this is my gift for the 2009 Winter Solstice- ENJOY IT.

dsip-abduction of mind(c60-1990 audiofile tapes-usa)

A1 2-3-4-6
A2 Exceptional Visitors (First Day)
A3 Bonsoir Bonsoir
A4 Exceptional Visitors (Second Day)
A5 Kopf-Hoch-Kopf
A6 Russian Submarine
A7 You Must Be The One
A8 Cucumber Slicer
A9 Naked...
A10 Giddy-Paced Generation
A11 Lack Of Will-Power (Part 1)
B1 Lack Of Will-Power (Part 2)
B2 Little Girl Lost In Forest
B3 Side-Effect Guaranteed
B4 Immer Weiter...
B5 Viola (Melody Mix 1)
B6 Viola (Melody Mix 2)
B7 Chorion-Biopsie (Examination-1-Mix)

dsip-evil (c46-1990-92-dsip productions)

a01-take care dear!
a03-ich sterbe gar micnt
a04-white corpses tilting over
a05-purely confidential
a06-we don`t care(pre-mix)
b01-the fly(version)
b02-looking down
b04-evil & terrorism
b05-vibrating subconscience

dsip-heavy barrage(1990 c46- diy-dsip prods)

a02-de zaterdag vliegt voorbij
a04-persecution mania
a05-die grossabnehmer(instrumental mix)
a07-no title
a08-audiogramm(right ear)
b01-losing ground in reverie
b02-toration of vague visions
b06-audiogram(both ears)

dsip-incidence-aftermath(tapework p+ c dsip-1992)

a01-diagnosis 2
a05-the pussyfooter
a06-out of earshot
a07-incidence(diagnosis 4)

dsip--l-tryptophan(semiotexterie 1991-c60)

a01-la nuit blanche part 1
a02-la nuit blanche part 2
a03-la nuit blanche part 3
a04-la nuit blanche part 4
a05-la nuit blanche part 5

dsip-mindworld(c60 tapework-dsip prods 01-march 1992)

a01-restless sleep
b01-summer rain
b02-defective brake(alarming eyes mix)
b03-what do i see
b04-pliable soul

dsip-out now(ebus`s music-germany-feb.1991-c30)

a01-cockpit command(ultima-truncheaon-imix)
a02-the sacrament(zyancali-in the heart-mix)
b01-cream-cakes(i prefear chocolate cake-mix)
b02-breathless hurdler(marathon-sweat-mix)
b04-the sacrament(delay-in-melody-mix)

dsip-somnosections(c46-old europa cafe 1990)

A Somnosections (2,1 mg Flunitrazepam I.V. N=12)
B1 Konkrete Utopie (Arousal-Mix)
B2 Gone (NREM-Version)
B3 Somnosections: La Mente En Blanco (Pavor Nocturnus)

dsip-sound research-(C60-EE Tapes-Belgium-1991)

A1 Deadlock
A2 Moisture
A3 Night-Shift
A4 Recherche Nach 2 Menschen
A5 Challenge
A6 Indian District 74
A7 Breathless Hurdler
A8 Go Home
A9 Intravenoes
B1 Gloss
B2 Downstream
B3 Nocturnal Ramble
B4 Forschen
B5 Yoke
B6 Leaving A City By Night
B7 Haeuser Wie Fremdkoerper
B8 Torn Past
B9 Rapid-Eye-Movement

dsip-the grim scenario(toracic tapes-spain-1991-c60)

a01-wie sind sil gestorben
a03-weibmuster D9S positive
a04-stroking mucus
a05-die zeit schlaft
a06-grune grenze
a07-weiBmuster D97 negativ
a08-urban night
b01-Lavado do cerebro(part 1-9)
b02-urban morning

dsip-time zone eyes-(dsip production c46-may 1992)

a side-TZE (process 1)
b side- TZE (process 2)



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