Saturday, December 5, 2009

Hex Minora - Ai

Readers ov this blog should already be semi-familiar with what info we have on thee Ipswich, Suffolk UK female occult-industrial artist: Carol-Ann who is behind this cassette which was released on the Metamorphosi label in 95. It features works recorded from 92-94, and is some ov her harshest, and at times {The Gentle Birth Of Sadism and the intro to PMT) some ov thee most beautifull ov her output with both ov the tracks featuring beatific piano progressions juxtaposed with harsh visceral occult power electronics.. It appears that there were several different covers made for this release each featuring different nude color printed photos ov various female models..

Track listing:

A1 Predation
A2 The Gentle Birth Of Sadism
A3 Hexorcism
B1 Punisment Of Lustration
B2 Whore


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