Saturday, October 1, 2011

va - Spain [Harsh Reality Music - 1989]

Nota: dedicado con mucho respeto y admiración a Spain Pain!!

released in 1989 on thee Memphis, Tennessee-based industrial/experimental/electronic label Harsh Reality Music which was run by Chris Phinney [Mental Anguish, Ambient Complot, Cancerous Growth, Mid-Cult Matrix, Skoptzies, Swine Is Mental, Viktimized Karcass] this release was part ov thee label's international series.. though this tis a rip ov an olde cs- this and many other astonishing releases are still kept available from their site!! as thee title may suggest: all artists hailed from Spain..

Merz was thee projekt ov Madrid based artist Luis Mesa who tis listed as contact for all three ov thee projekts on side a here; as well as having been a part ov: Recursos Ajenos, Ambient Complot, & Merzan / Zanmerz!! thee source ov inspiration for thee opening piece should require no introduction for fans ov Tobe Hooper's 1974 horror classic.. thee track consists ov repetitive minimal synth lines with mid-tempo drum sequencing and additional elektronik experimentation..

for thee projekt Tecnica Material; Luis Mesa tis joined by Miguel A. Ruiz [Exhaustor, Funeral Souvenir, Orfeon Gagarin, Ventral Metaphor, Ambulatorio Segreto, Efficient Refineries, Non Sterile]!! thee track which they produce consists ov astonishing concussive rhythmic sequencing filtered in an effing stomping manner which degenerates into much more raucous tumult at it's point ov cessation!!

once more behind thee elektronikx Luis Mesa operates under thee moniker Alquimia Detras in a strange rhythmic experimental piece with what sound to be religiously related sample sources- a child's prayer and miscelaneous radio evangelists..

providing the entire second side ov thee cassette are Das Synthetische Mischgewebe who were comprised ov members Isabelle Chemin & Guido Hübner!! their back catalog ov releases tis tremendous.. thee piece abandons thee rhythmic sequencing which manifested so heavilly upon thee first side in favor ov a much more cacophanous onslaught ov dissonant experimentation..

Track listing:

A1 Merz – Texas Chainsaw Massacre
A2 Tecnica Material – Adsorcion
A3 Alquimia Detras – Religiones
B1 Das Synthetische Mischgewebe – The Eternal Professional Error At Auto-Reverse



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