Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Il Gabinetto Del Dottor Caligari - 2 x cs - Psychotic Release

perchance as Thomas Ligotti has inferred- horreur fiction tis thee conspiracy against the human race.. here tis an intriguing homage to horror fictionz ov times past from times now passed as well.. Il Gabinetto Del Dottor Caligari [named for thee German expresionist film Das Cabinet des Dr Caligari] was thee projekt ov Dr. Caligari aka Valerio Biagi who likely hailed from somewhere within thee shadows ov Italy.. referrences mentioned within include Renee Viven, Bram Stoker, Mary Shelley, Edgar {Allan) Poe!! both cassettes were released upon Emanuele Lago's astonishingly disturbed Psychotic Release label!! both La Bianca Bara Del Dolore and Lapide Bianca, Fredda Dimora are included in one rip which your fumbling presenteur erroneously inverted chronologically.. as for thee musiques: am not incredibly astute toward trends within Italian pop sensibilities, but imagine Alberto Camerini with macabre gothique sensibilities and organ creep instead ov arpeggiations.. thee track titles are worthy ov translation:

l`untore = the person who put the creams/oils on the dead bodies
lapide bianca, fredda dimora = white tombstone, cold abode
le 7 ferite nel cuore = the 7 wounds in the heart
la bianca bara del dolore = the white coffin of the pain
tetra poesia = gloomy poetry
le bambole della signora Beccamorti = the dolls of the Mrs Beccamorti
[note - Beccamorti tis used as a surname, but it means literally to peck at the dead]
lo scavafosse = the person who digs the holes for the graves

for your listening bemusement!!

Track listing:

A1 L'Untore
Music By – Flavio Biagi
A2 Lapide Bianca, Fredda Dimora
A3 Le 7 Ferite Nel Cuore
B1 La Bianca Bara Del Dolore
B2 Tetra Poesia
B3 La Bambole Della Signora Beccamorti
Music By – Annalisa Tagliabue


A Lapide Bianca, Fredda Dimora
B1 Lo Scavafosse
B2 Requiem

(crepusculum) with translation assistance by {{F@R@W@Y}}!!

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  1. I have downloaded and enjoyed several albums from this blog. For that, I'm quite thankful :) I must say, however, that I find all of the "thee ov tis pluralz" stuff to be annoying. I prefer a review/blurb that doesn't give me a headache to read. Plain English (like the previous two posts) would be appreciated. Just a thought.

    Thanks again for the good music!