Friday, October 14, 2011

va - Italy - [Harsh Reality Music - 1989]

another astounding release in thee international series ov thee Memphis, Tennessee-based industrial/experimental/electronic label Harsh Reality Music which was run by Chris Phinney [Mental Anguish, Ambient Complot, Cancerous Growth, Mid-Cult Matrix, Skoptzies, Swine Is Mental, Viktimized Karcass].. this time all artists essentially hailed from thee boot-shaped nation ov Italy!! again this cs as well many other fine releases are still available via thee labels' site!! effing great that they keep available such an astonishing back catalog ov sonorous treasures!!

note: due to thee size- this comp was broken into two parts here & here..

Subliminale tis thee projekt ov Gianluigi Russolo who tis also thee creative genius behind such magnificent projekts as Therabaqud Leic, Wellenwerkmann Neurosonological Research Station, and S. Biasin Trio!! also very much worthy ov note tis thee remix which he provided for thee esoteric body music projekt Metal Music Machine!! thee eery piece which he provides here consists ov scathing yet subdued power elektronikx scapes!!

Stefano Barban was behind such effing magnificent esoteric elektronikx projekts as Abra Had Abra, Ambulatorio Segreto, Lvnvs, and Spin Box!! thee piece which he manifests here utilises an odd cacophanous barrage ov dissonant synthesizer werkx..

Teatrino Della Volpe tis thee work ov thee magnificent mad-genius Stefano Biasin!! thee piece "new industrial" which he provides here combines strange loops ov minimal industrial sequencing elements with tribal samplings, odd disco materials, bizarre saxophone wails, out ov place rock segments.. all very disjointed and seemingly spontaneous.. feels like the maximum sample time tis about eight seconds..

Crime O Nautix provide thee piece Rock The Mussolinis Boys which consists ov slowed plodding dissonances with hilarious grimey rocking vocalisations and wierd utterances as thee parodied atrophy ov rock snarlingly progresses!!

Majorana was thee projekt ov Lussetti Guido.. thee first ov his tracks provided here consists ov rhythmic sequences interspersed with sparse somber synthesizer segments and polyphonic drum machine barrages..

"Das Synthetische Mischgewebe [Isabelle Chemin & Guido Hübner] started in the early 80's in Berlin with electronic, industrial, avant-garde associated cassette releases." they appear on both thee Spanish as well as Italian international series.. thee piece which they manifest here consists ov wierd machinic junk-noize-esque disquietudes..

apparent lack ov biography here for Black Flowers.. their sonorism utilizes interesting pulsating synth with quiet rhythm sequencing and reverberating vocal materials which transition later towards a more spaced out and dissonant sort ov elektronikx scape..

Crime O Nautix utilise for their piece some sort ov sitar and tabla filled Indian pop musique over which they incant oddly subsumed vocalisations before eventually transitioning towards a more psychedelically reverberating guitar outro sektion..

Womb are semi-mysterious here- though it tis believed that DeviLs G [Teatro Satanico!!] had his hands at play in thee esoteric sonorism which they manifest.. distant choral samples play amidst indecipherable vocals and a growing unease ov atmosphere looms over whilst skittering elektronikx reverberate amidst synthesizer werkx which make intriguing presences which together increase in their scathingness as thee piece develops further towards a more rhythmic pulsating bombast!!

for thee concluding piece Majorana utilises operatic vocal loops with haphazardous sequencings and thee dissonant tumult ov collage werkx.. odd experimentations..

Track listing:

A1 Subliminale – Thee Vittoz Method
A2 Stefano Barban – Amantide
A3 Teatrino Della Volpe – New Industrial
A4 Crime O Nautix – Rock The Mussolinis Boys
A5 Majorana – L'Anti-Destin
B1 Das Synthetische Mischgewebe – At My Throne & Under Your Shoes
B2 Black Flowers – In The Mind / Fire Eyes
B3 Crime O Nautix – Der Telephon Ringelte
B4 Womb – Frequency Modulation / No Noise Abortion
B5 Majorana – Fai 400 Respiri Prima Di Un Gran Balzo In Avanti


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