Friday, October 21, 2011

THE GREY WOLVES-legion of hell(c60-Strengh recordings-uk-198x)

Here is a short presentation- as I am expecting that the followers of this blog will already be rather familiar with this project; since it is a rather famous one. The Grey Wolves first appeared back in 1983 after being born out of the ashes of a unit called OFI (Opera for Infantry). their music is often labelled as “death industrial” and their name associated with others such as Nurse with Wound and Ramleh. The two members (Dave Padbury and Trevor Ward) have been often controversial and outspoken, and have taken part in a prolific ammount of different projects, and as well have released many productions. They spread their messages across utilising different medias:(pamphlets, mail art, manifestos), and have taken part fully within the cassette scene since back in it's early days. In fact both members have thier own tape labels (Open Wound and Sol Niger) focusing on industrial music. The year of release of this tape isn`t listed anywhere; however I do believe that it came out towards the end of the 80s, and it was distributed by Strength Recordings in the UK and by Ministry of Ultramarine Theatres in Italy. As for the music; far away from the power-electronics assault that made them famous; this tape is instead crafted with esoteric elctronicks messages and sequencings . ”Legion of hell’ stands as a manifesto of the experimental dark-ambient music of that era.

Track listing:

a01-lost souls
a02-hall of the dead
a03-for good or evil-new spirit rising
a04-angels of darkness
b01-eternal suffering


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