Friday, September 2, 2011

va - Territoires Sonores - 2 x cs - Art Concept - France - 1995

[[another abominable note disclaiming my failings..]] - due to thee cumbersome girth ov workx required to give adequate attempt at rendering review for this astonishing international compilation put out on thee [to me] enigmatic French label Art Concept- shall be forestalling a review until some nearly foreseeable future-present.. please enjoy these sonorous excursions into thee realms ov thee mundus imaginalis!!

Cassette I
Cassette II

be(a)st wishes!!


A1 Endura – The Final Pylon
A2 T.A.C. – Hammers Against The Sun
A3 Megaptera – Disturbance-2 Dead
A4 Deutsch Nepal – Public Triangle
A5 Kranium – Endless Pain III
A6 Discipline – The Tears Of The Slave
B1 Imperium Satanas – Trilogy Of Lust
B2 No Festival Of Light – ...Realm Of Reality
B3 Chöd – Untitled
B4 Tole Ache – Zoophily
B5 Drape Excrement – Russian Landscapes
B6 Advokat Ihrer Hoheit – Childhood Drama II
C1 M.S.B.R. – Terrorstricken Fracture
C2 Noït / Stigma – The House
C3 Grey Wolves, The – Waco 23
C4 Noït – Guezarnimen
C5 Fatal Impact – Voce 04
C6 A.I.Z – Des Abîmes Et Des Ames
D1 Life Garden – Through Beauty We Conqured
D2 De Fabriek – Dark Ages
D3 Abner Malaty – No Grasp
D4 Stigma – Long-Term Effect