Thursday, September 15, 2011

PIUME E SANGUE-I Corpi 68.20.38(c46-Italy-Semiotexterie Prods-1989)

A rather obscure tape here today… Piume e Sangue is a very old project coming from Italy. This tape is in fact dated 1989, and it came out on the amazing label Semiotexterie. I am afraid that I have little information about this tape- other than that the artists behind it are listed as Paolo S. & Gi Jaw. I could not find anything on the net; so if anybody out there knows more; then please send us more info into the comments section of this blog.
The very first track of this tape reminds me of Dario Argento`s films soundtracks mixed with some dark ambient and some noise industrial; while the rest of the songs are just a great example of pure esoteric sonorism… I guess the followers of this blog will not be disappointed with this rare tape-production. Enjoy it then…


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