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v.a.-the crazy side of irre tapes-(c60-irre tapes,germany-1990)

"IRRE TAPES was a German label run by Matthias Lang which evolved out of the IRRE Fanzine he published regularly during the early 1980's covering New Wave, Post Punk and the German Underground.
With his 3rd Tape Compilation Ein Herz In Not he started IRRE Tapes which was mainly active in the late 80s/early 90s and released material by the likes of Brume, Maeror Tri and City Of Worms and loads of lesser known and stylistic different artists (Unpleasant Surprise, Fuckedtones, The, Magic Moments At Twilight Time, Doc Wör Mirran) covering the whole range of the Independent Underground from Experimental Electronica to Guitar Pop.
In true DIY spirit he supported the international network of small labels and fanzines through editing the free IRRE Newsletter to spread infos and contacts and writing occasionally reviews for various publications. Most of his Compilations should be seen as an attempt to promote lesser known artists and labels. Without doubt he was one of the driving forces of the German Tape Scene.
He finally called the label days quits in 1994/1995 but soon re-appeared as collaborating and networking artist Mr. Moto.

All of the releases where copied on demand and continously numbered but only a few had an explicit Limited Edition."(from Discogs)

This tape is a collection of different weird songs and artists released previoulsly on this label-different styles and different names all united by the weirdness aka the craziness of their music. You will find here: noize, industrial, electro pop, hypno electro, ambient noise, and more... It looks like Ebu`s Music which was established in 1988 & run by Carsten Olbrich aka Mr. Ebu reissued this tape compilation as a retrospective of "the crazy side of irre tapes", and yeah the cover-sleeve is just fantastic.

Track listing:

Josef Boys – Doors Open And In
Cephalic Index Nomuzic – My Baby Went Splat
Terrorplan – Industrial Anarchy
Delta-Sleep-Inducing Peptide – 2-3-4-6
Gregorian George – Go Hug A Tree Today
Poison Dwarfs – Cut
Die Rache – Erstschlag
Ditto – Bells
City Of Worms – Volpet
Doc Wör Mirran – Rambo's Little Penis
No Unauthorized – Rambo Is Not A Communist..Oh No
Moisten Before Use – Frustration
M. Nomized – Atomique Et Cercle (Extract)

(digital transfer by F@R@W@Y)
(review by Discogs + F@R@W@Y)

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