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v.a.-ONLY INDUSTRIAL & NOISE(biotope art organization-italy,uk-c60-1991)

Another astonishing olde industrial & noise compilation here released by Gulglielmo Lanzilli's Biotope Art Organization in Italy circa 1990!!

Alvars Orkester consist ov Swedish sound experimentalists Jan Svensson [Frak, Studio SS, Uttoz, Villa Åbo, Börft Records] & Joachim Nordwall [The iDEALIST, The Ass Galaxy, Death Dub, Kid Commando, Oceans Of Silver & Blood, The Skull Defekts, iDEAL Recordings] who have been honing their crafts since 1987 as well as promoting other's workx via their respective labels and endeavors!! their piece here consists ov sparse reverberating percussiveness amidst sci-fi-esque synth-workx with mostly-indecipherable processed vocalisations.. odd-feeling experimentation..

Crime-O-Nautix tis projekt ov Stefano Giust.. "Experimental improviser, performer and electronic music composer originating from Unterseen, Switzerland. Currently living in Pordenone, Italy.
Founder & runner of Italian underground avant-garde label Setola Di Maiale (from 1993).." thee track provided here consists ov multi-tracked repetitious bass-lines amidst thee wailing ov cats, developing feedback, and mumbled vocals..

Brume tis thee projekt ov thee prolific French musique-concrete composer Christian Renou!! thee piece he provides here consists ov subdued repetitious squall with beatific ambiance and sparse looped rhythms with what sound to be intermittant vocal gasps!! thee whole piece seems to become more subsumed in reverb as it develops..

Disumana Res tis thee projekt ov Italaian artist Guglielmo Lanzilli who released this compilation on his label Biotope Art Organization, and who has kindly contributed numerous cassettes in thee past for us here!! for this piece ov his- he utilizes excellent throat-singing drones amidst frenetic elektronikx and excellent collaging ov bass rumbles and other indecipherable sound sources [many ov which sound to be animal derived]!! the piece ends with thee sounds ov strings detuning..

uncertainty as to thee persoange behind A.B., but thee piece consists ov looming orchestral overtures, repetitious marching presences, reverberated bells tolling, choral presences, difficult to decipher vocal recitations, and a brief gasp..

active since thee late 70's, thee San Francisco Bay Area's Big City Orchestra's output tis much too prolific to begin to describe here.. thee piece which they provide here consists ov minimal elektronikx collaging interspersed with repetitive spurts ov masculine laughter and quiet kalimba, ..

active since thee mid-80's- S-Core tis thee projekt ov prolific sound artist Yutaka Tanaka [Afflict Records]!! thee piece which he offers here consists ov insectoid elektronikx amidst deeply looming atmospheric development!!

another artist whose biography escapes this rather inept writer- Doctor Hector provides eerily scathing elektronikx-scapes with jarring repetitions ov what are assumed vis-thee title to be cattle utterances..

Delta-Sleep-Inducing Peptide were thee prolific projekt ov German sound experimental researchers ov sleep & dreams state- Dieter Mauson [Nostalgie Eternelle] & Siegmar Fricke [Bestattungsinstitut, Pharmakustik, Ambulatorio Segreto, Doppelwirkung, Efficient Refineries, New Tits On The Cock, Nome De Voyage 2]!! their gulf war-themed piece consists ov foreboding repetitious orchestral sampling with piercing tea kettle-esque feedback and vocal gasping..

David Prescott [Ambient Complot, As If Bwana, Mid-Cult Matrix, PM, PrescoRolmo] "Working mostly out of Boston in the 1980s David Prescott created old-school electronic music and was part of the home-taping movement. His label Generations Unlimited had an international roster of artists".. thee piece ov sonorism provided here consists ov droning presence, what sound to be older computer generated tones, and indecipherable Soviet? radio transmissions..

Flagrants D'eli were Eli Perin & Fred Perin.. their biography again unknown here other than a number ov releases during thee late 80's- early 90's.. their piece consists ov distant ambiances, delayed and reversed sounds, an interesting development which hints at precipices ov harsh voids- never quite fully delved into..

as mentioned earlier: Swedish sound-experimenter Jan Svensson was invloved with thee projekts Alvars Orkester, Frak, Studio SS, Uttoz, Villa Åbo, as well as running thee label Börft Records.. his piece ov termination for this compilation involves minimal repetitive sequences with soft-synth stabs and restrained squallings.. this reviewer tis often averse the presence ov almost any pre-sets, and finds mild agitation at their minor presence here-within.. given thee time ov this composition it tis not unexpected.. drum-sequencing becomes more present towards thee cessation ov this track..

Track listing:

A1 Alvars Orkester – Colour Star
A2 Crime-O-Nautix – Goethe Strasse 13
A3 Brume – Rubber Girl Meets Goldorak
A4 Disumana Res – Burial Ground
A5 A.B. – Our Past
A6 Big City Orch. – Siam
B1 S-Core – The Four Cardinal Humors
B2 Doctor Hector – Solo Para Vacas
B3 D.S.I.P. – Rape In Kuwait
B4 D. Prescott – Untitled
B5 Flagrants D'Eli – L'Invitation Au Carnage
B6 Jan Svensson – Vibration Of Mito

(transferred by [[F@R@W@Y]] / review by crepusculum)

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