Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Mr Moto meets De Fabriek - Rovelatous - (EE tapes, Belgium -c60-1996)

[[briefest ov notezz: this should have appeared here back on april 9th.. as tis highly conspicuous- activities ceased here for a period.. hopefully those who care shall be happy to know we have returned, and intend to continue our efforts here at sharing obscure/esoteric elektronikx releases from thee past, present, and perchance future..

be(a)st wishes!!

Quite an interesting and lively collaboration on this tape released by the Belgian Tape label EE Tapes back in 1996. Here Mr. Moto [Matthias Lang] from Germany and De Fabriek from Holland meet on a neutral ground to work on a unified project of experimental electronic sounds. They are delivering to us weird yet beatiful electro-experimentations!!! 8 tracks (4 each side) crafted with minimal sequencing and yet sometimes rhythmic and slow moving forward implosions of melodies/noises. This tape came out in a limited edition of 100 copies, 50 with a red cover and the other 50 with a blue cover, the sleeve design was created by De Fabriek. I quite like this tape …somehow has all the energy and the freshness of the electronic sound researches of those artists involved in this scene back in the 90s.

Track listing:

A1 Koyote
A2 Nerve Stream
A3 White Exit
A4 Outside It's Cold
B1 Tatura
B2 Afro Snow
B3 Four Dreams
B4 Money For Nothing



  1. Great blog! And I'm happy to see a new post.

  2. thanx a lot,i am happy to know that someone out there is happy that we are back---

  3. You keep this p(@)lace alive and I'll keep coming. Surely there are select others out here/there that would agree with me.