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erratum musical-omonimo(biotope art organization-uk-c60-1996)

Erratum Musical was thee projekt ov French sound experimentalist Joachim Montessuis who has been active with "transdisciplinary performing digital art & noises, contextualised panic actions, installations and projections all over the world since 1991".. thee sounds ov this cassette were composed circa 1995-96 and released upon Guglielmo Lanzilli's Italian label Biotope Art Organization.. thee projekt name was likely derived from thee title ov a composition by Marcel Duchamp based upon chance operations which was "unfinished and was never published or exhibited during Duchamp's lifetime. According to the manuscript, the piece was intended for a mechanical instrument "in which the virtuoso intermediary is suppressed". The manuscript also contains a description for "An apparatus automatically recording fragmented musical periods", consisting of a funnel, several open-end cars and a set of numbered balls."

thee first piece "erratum musical manifeste" consists ov a barrage ov wierd mechanical feedbacks with wierdly subsumed voices, murmurs, and cries..

"concretions" consists ov a insectoidally swarming din ov vocalisations which were a decomposition ov the text Orant by Matthieu Messagier..

clocking at over fifteen minutes: "l`errance poetique" for which the description tis offered "progessive rhythmic breathing, dynamic energy of the breath in his noise" tis more bizarre audio collage ov gasping, screaming, bestial vocalisations with excellent rhythmic sequencing amidst glitchilly stuttering elektronikx with tapes speed-shifting, reversing, and un-spooling to thee point ov utter disintegration!!

aptly titled "meditation on violence" tis a bombastic cacophany ov assaulting audio tumult in which olde-school video game sounding elektronikx bleat disquietitudes amidst anguished vocalisations..

"souffle initial" / initial breath quiets thee tone for a moment once more, and tis described as a piece for voice, prepared guitar, and hypnotic rhythmic progression centered arround the dream machine.. thee sense ov rotation and trance tis apparent; though Montessuis's manic vocalisations inspire an altogether dis-jarring effect which shall we say- may be slightly less relaxing..

"ode a la louve" is named for the "private French contemporary garden, open to the public, in the town of Bonnieux in the Vaucluse Department of France created beginning in 1986 by Nicole de Vésian, textile designer for the Paris fashion house of Hermès." tis a performance by la cellule ERRATUMique- Yvan Ettiene & Joachim Montessuis.. it appears to have been created using microphones, quadriphonic amplification, and stroboscope.. it begins with quiet French vocal recitations in unision and develops into a rhythmic sequencing with more absurdist vocal utterances which appear to be Montessuis's patent..

Track listing:

a01-erratum musical manifeste
a03-l`errance poetique
b01-meditation on violence
b02-souffle initial
b03-ode a la louve

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