Tuesday, August 23, 2011

alvars orkester-nobody finds nothing(b.a.o.-1991-italy-uk-c60)

[[note: this may sound a bit familiar as this projekt was just written about a couple posts back..}

Alvars Orkester consist ov Swedish sound experimentalists Jan Svensson [Frak, Studio SS, Uttoz, Villa Åbo, Börft Records] & Joachim Nordwall [The iDEALIST, The Ass Galaxy, Death Dub, Kid Commando, Oceans Of Silver & Blood, The Skull Defekts, iDEAL Recordings] who have been honing their crafts since 1987 as well as promoting other's workx via their respective labels and endeavors!! this cassette was released upon Guglielmo Lanzilli's Biotope Art Oranization label in London [where he had relocated from Italy] circa 1991..

thee sonorism consists ov experimental elektronikx applied in frenzied malaises ov gloomily droning progressions ov trancing feedbackx, resonance shifting pulsations, sequences, and junk sounds aiming at thee search for negation.. those who have been appreciating all ov thee Biotope Art Orgainzation releases posted here thus far shall not likely find themselves dissapointed!!

Track listing:

a01-salvan smorjar
a02-quality street
a03-the city of verna
a05-a library of nothing
b01-plastic prison
b02-beyond the clear crystal
b03-your legs on movie
b04-attractive daughter
b05-the final abyss

(transferred by [[F@R@W@Y]] / review by crepusculum)


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