Saturday, October 2, 2010

m.o.a.t.a. omen-the rorschach garden-split tape(fich art -germany-c90-1993)

another great cassette from thee German industrial label Fich-Art transferred for us by [[F@R@W@Y]] from thee collection ov Gulglielmo Lanzili [Biotope Arts Organisation!!] [[note: due to thee duration ov thee cassette it was broken into two parts here and here..]]

M.O.A.T.A.-OMEN tis thee projekt ov Sven Pügge who was also a member ov thee great German elektronikx projekt Ars Moriendi!! thee tracks he provides here seem to be a mixture ov dark atmospherix with great minimal tekno/ elektro with interestingly processed vocals!! rather than attempting to draw comparisons with other industrial acts; will simply express my opinion that this tis a very effing worthily listenable projekt for fans ov these sort ov genres!! tis interestingly subdued at times; rather than just being a barrage ov tumultuous assaults..

The Rorschach Garden started in 1988 as a solo projekt ov Philipp Münch [Ars Moriendi, Cell Auto Mata, The Incredible Three, Mandelbrot, Monokrom, Rasputeen In Heavy Leather, Rasputin, Show Of Exaggeration, Synapscape, Templegarden's]and has gone through various lineup changes over thee years.. thee most recent lineup tis a duo consisiting ov Münch and Natascha Ruf.. thee material which thee projekt presents here consists ov brilliant elektro pieces which are very much complimentary to thee materials ov thee previous side ov this split cassette; though with a bit better fidelity in thee production values.. cannot knock either side honestly.. this tis some great effing elektro/ industrial.. hopefully some ov you may enjoy!!

Track listing:

A1 Moata Omen - Come And Gone
A2 Moata Omen - Crawl Inside
A3 Moata Omen - Sunny
A4 Moata Omen - Waldstrassen
A5 Moata Omen - Mindscapes
A6 Moata Omen - Wishes
Moving Stimulation
B1 The Rorschach Garden - Learning Stimulans
B2 The Rorschach Garden - Invagination Ritual
B3 The Rorschach Garden - Phagocytosis
B4 The Rorschach Garden - C-Tech Showdown
B5 The Rorschach Garden - Mitochondrion
B6 The Rorschach Garden - Onthogenesis PP01
B7 The Rorschach Garden - C-Tech Dreams
B8 The Rorschach Garden - Into The Green Fields
B9 The Rorschach Garden - Nightflight

(transferred by [[F@R@W@Y]] / review by crepusculum)

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