Friday, October 8, 2010

IGNE NATURA RENOVATUM INTEGRA-no title-(Anomaly Music-Russia-c46-1995)

Igne Natura Renovatum Integra was thee projekt ov Russian sound artists Leonid Savin [guitar , voices, harmonica, percussion] and Andrey Ivanov [bass, voices, percussion, noise].. Andrey "Atheist" Ivanov appears to currently be active with thee projekt Misery, and has also participated in thee projekts Off The Cuff, 2nd Off The Cuff, Медве На Мече.. thee sounds for this release are lo-fi sound collage techniques utilised in a fairly interesting manner.. great esoteric album art and Latin track titles.. sure some ov you out there will enjoy this one which tis another great rare olde cassette transferred by {{F@R@W@Y}} from Guglielmo's collection for us here!!

Track listing:

A1 Habitus Originale
A2 Dies Nefastus
A3 Peccatum Prima
A4 … In Terris
A5 Cum Grano Salis
A6 Famulus Sui Generis
A7 In Status Quo
A8 Genius Loci
A9 Vis Unita Agit!
B1 Vita Factitia
B2 Electus Amentia
B3 Amor Fati

(transferred by [[F@R@W@Y]] / review by crepusculum)

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