Saturday, October 9, 2010

Stefano Barban - Chiaro Scuro - c46 - Italy - Old Europa Cafe - 1991

Stefano Barban was a member ov both Lvnvs and Abra Had Abra [along with deviLs G ov Teatro Satanico!!] this 46 [2x23] minute cassette was released on thee astounding Italian label Old Europa Cafe which has been operated since thee late 80's by Frater Rodolfo Protti!! thee trackx which Stefano presents for these solo recordings are something rather enticing; ranging from minimal sequencer pulses with dissonant organ anti-progressions to minimal synth / neo-classical-esque / musique concrete with field recordings ov aqueous sources and thee calls ov avian creatures.. am rather enamored here with this one, hope that perchance you too shall find some pleasure during this time ov lived experience whilst partaking ov thee sonorism yourselves..

be(a)st wishes!!

Track listing:

A1 Ombre Riflesse
A2 Flebile
A3 Un Abbaglio
A4 Anime Afone
A5 (Audio) Visivo
B1 Impossibilita'
B2 Let Me Meet
B3 Una Zona Buia
B4 La Mani, Non Piu'
B5 Un Zona Chiara
B6 Chiaro - Scuro



  1. you need Ritmo, Ferro E Pietre In Moto (1989)by LSD?

  2. would be greatly honored to be able to hear and share if possible!!!

    be(a)st wishes!!